Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick and Random

So there isn't a whole lot of excitement going on at school and I have been really lazy on blogging. But there is some excitement on the home front!

A week from tomorrow, I will be picking up the cutest niece at the airport!!! The original plans were for a girls trip to St. Louis. Brother decided he really should bring the cutie to see the rest of the family and making both trips wasn't really in the budget. I agree that it is important for her to see everyone and am excited either way!!! There is always another time for the girls to meet in the middle and explore St. Louis.

My travel partner has posted about Australia again. You can read it here. I love how detailed she is but am too lazy to do it myself. On this post, she failed to mention the seasick travel partner. Lucky thing it only lasted for about 5 hours. I was able to sleep it off when we got on our overnight boat. :)

Conferences start tomorrow. Oh joy! We have them until 7 on Thursday and Tuesday night. Next Wednesday is a professional development day and then Fall Break starts! I do not care how late I have to stay on Wednesday night but I am going to have everything ready for the next week so I can play with Claire and not worry about school.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

7 years old? When did that happen?!

On October 3rd, my baby girl, my little love muffin, my grrrrfreeen, my #1 snuggle partner, my Sunday afternoon school partner, my dog- turns 7. I am amazed at where the seven years has gone.

Even though I wrote about you on your 6th birthday, I just can't help but do it again for your 7th. I get giddy thinking about snuggling you and seeing your cute face greet me with one of your babies in tow when I come home. I mean really, who can resist this?

You are the first granddog in the family, so by default... you are the favorite. When you go to school with me, people always comment how well behaved you are. I also happen to think you listen better than my students- but I am biased.

Anyways, BRACE YOURSELF FOR CUTENESS! And remember, I could have gone on and on with cute pictures.....
This is when Tobie melted her Grandpa Snow's "I can't believe you are getting her a girlie dog" heart (before I had ever met her)

All 2.5 pounds of her knew I was her Mommy at first sight!

She also promptly stole her Daddy's heart

One of her first babies that she loved

Tobie is carrying on a tradition by taking a picture next to the car on the first day of school. Tobie was off to Puppy Kindergarten this day!

Look at the happiness in both of their expressions!
Tobie and Dad= Friends for Life

Nice and fluffy after a bath


This snowman baby was Tobie's first snowman love! It was a sad day when it got eaten/destroyed by a bigger dog.
It was also when we went on a hunt to find a snowman replacement!

"Dad left me out when he went to bed. I kissed a Smurf and I liked it."

My little girl loves her some dirt!

Our first official family photo
{do you see Hubby holding her paw? Isn't that precious?!?}

Waiting to surprise Dad at the wedding

Our latest Christmas photo

I seriously could go on and on with pictures of little best friend. She brings so much joy to our lives! Mom and Dad love you little girl!