Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

From our little bunnies!

Monday, March 18, 2013

7 Year Itch???

Not in this house, fool!

According to urban dictionary... "The seven year itch is a point that a lot of couples go through. It is the point when you have been together so long that you are tired/bored with your partner, but you have not been together long enough to have accepted the rhythm that is being in a relationship. Some people miss being single and would like a different partner. Other people just miss the freedom of being single and having no strings attached but they do not want another partner. It is a "rough" patch in a relationship."

Hubby and I have been married for 7 years now and there is no itching going on around here. If anything, I love him more everyday. I've said it once and probably will say it a million more times, since it is my blog after all, but I am the luckiest girl to have him.

Back in the day, when it was just me (ie. before Tobie and Kinley came along) he was sweet and lovable, makes me laugh and feel loved. Then Miss Tobie came along. She was a surprise gift from my Boo. And surprise it was... to see how sweet he was with my little pup. A whole new side of him emerged with Tobie. I gave me a glimpse of his as a dad and that made me fall a little deeper. Then... Miss Kinley came along and you might as well throw in the life raft!

Yes, I'm third in line for goodbye kisses and I'm home greetings but seeing him get so excited to see his little girls just melts my heart. His face lights up when she sees him (her face lights up too!)! He loves to make her smile. He also still loves to make Tobie's tail wag, ears perk up or head tilt in listening fashion.

He still cracks me up with his sillies, bad handwriting and more. Loves me like there is no tomorrow. He is my boyfriend for life. Happy anniversary Boo! I love you more than when I said, 'I do.'

In case it wasn't clear... No seven year itch here.

Friday, March 15, 2013

A little random reading

Due to my "motherly duties", as my principal put it to a parent yesterday, I don't venture into the lounge at lunch time. It is quite unfortunate since it makes it hard to contribute to the Sh!t I Hear in the Lounge saga but it is life.

One of the people many of my lounge stories came from contributed while in my room the other day so I'll count that! Not exactly sure how this came out of her mouth but she was referring to when she is walking but toots come out. Apparently, those are called "old lady loosey juicies." I even had her repeat it so it was accurate for the blog!

Back to the principal comment, I had a parent looking for me during lunch. She had knocked on my door, mind you I didn't know who was out there, but then went to the lounge and asked if I was around. He said, "She is in her room." to which the mom responded, "well, I knocked but she didn't answer." That is when he said, "I think she is doing her motherly duties, if you know what I mean." The mom was embarrassed and later told me she felt bad for 'interrupting.' 

I must say, only once have I actually forgotten to lock my door while pumping, but I am so glad no one came down. I have a magnet that props the door open, just a crack, during the day. Well, one day when I finished up, I realized I had not pulled the magnet out! How disastrous would that have been if a kid popped in!!! Now I double check myself before I start. Anywho, it is a good thing that I do because a few times my kids have returned to the classroom, either without my assistant knowing or just not following her directions. You would think when that the boogie man was trying to get them as hard as they pull on the door and bang on it. Again, now I double check that it is locked!

I have had a few funnies from my little friends too! Last week, the meteorologist predicted it to be warm for the day. As we all know, they have a tendency to be wrong. When discussing it with my kids, one said, "the weatherman lies... a lot!" I tried to explain that they don't lie on purpose and that it all depends on mother nature but I don't think they really listened.

Yesterday, I read a short book about squids with one of my talented friends. He did really well reading it on his own but I wanted to reread it with him to see if he comprehended what he had read. In the book, it said that squids change colors to hide from predators and when talking to other squids. I asked him, "what is that word we learned when something blends in with its surroundings?" He said, "It's camel-lodging. I think." Real close buddy! At least he got the idea! We also read that squids squirt ink to help them hide from predators. He asked, "Where does the ink come from? Maybe his butt?" I told him that was a really good question but maybe next time he could say bottom. Then a friend that had been listening chimed in and said, "or bum! Remember it was in our word family?!"

I better hit the hay... one more school day and then it is spring break!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

What should I be doing on this late Wednesday... almost Thursday?? Report cards. What am I doing instead? Anything but report cards, hence this post.

My little friends have been precious at school lately. Mrs. Chambers, the sub I had while on maternity leave, is now next door subbing for first grade. My kids love her so much. She is a celebrity to them. "I saw Mrs. Chambers!" "Mrs. Chambers waved at me!" or "I gave Mrs. Chambers a hug!" are statements I hear almost daily. It is so refreshing to me to know they started out the year in such good hands... or they are relieved to see her and hoping she will come back so their mean teacher will leave? Hmm. :)

Yesterday, I was doing a little report card testing when a student came over and patted my back. Of course, I said, "That feels so good. Thanks." Just that comment lead to telling them the difference in a massage and a masseuse. We may have to practice the difference a little more. Hehehe!

Well, I have put off report cards long enough. Though this post was super uneventful, I need to do the report cards.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Old Jersey Cow is at it again...

Today we boxed up another shipment for the milk bank. 80- 6 ounce bags will be heading Texas tomorrow. In my math world, that is 480 ounces but we have all seen how my math is compared to what is actually in the bags. I have found recently that Hubby likes to fill them a little more than 6 ounces, so he could be the cause of some of my math issues.

It still amazes me that God created women to be able to provide nourishment for their babies like this. It just leaves me in awe.

Funny story from a few weeks ago...
Some friends of ours recently moved to Spain. They took 3 boys under 3, the youngest one being two months old. Before they left, they came to Oklahoma to visit family so plans were made for friends to go out to dinner. We know Jessie and Aaron from college. Aaron and Hubby were fraternity brothers so really the guys know each other better and the wives chat. This night there were only three wives. I know Jessie and knew who Nikki was but that is really all. Any who, Nikki has a five year old that loves to chat! She is funny too! Very inquisitive and friendly. She was so excited there were babies there (Kinley, Lindy (who sat at the other end and missed most of the action)and Zach, Jessie's 2 month old. She was told that when Zach woke up she might be able to hold him and she did not forget that!

However, when Zach woke up, he wanted to eat. So... Of course Alaina wanted to feed him. Jessie proceeded to get a nursing cover out, which led to "why are you putting that on?" Her mom explained that Zach ate the same way a friends sibling did but she still wanted to know what the cover was for. Nikki whispered into Alaina's ear and then you see her smile and say "oh, that covers her so no one sees her boobies!" It was pretty funny but I am glad it wasn't me. :)

Well, this is two posts in one week...what am I going to do with myself?! I guess I will hit the hay!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturday Surprise!

Saturday, we made a surprise visit to Enid. I let myself in at Nandy and Pa's as usual. Tobie ran in and chased Buddy around in front of Nandy. Sh e probably thought nothing of it since that is what my dad's dog does when he gets there. I popped my head around and she said , "well, Jennie Marie!" And then she focused her attention to Kinley. Then I went on a hunt for Pa. I found him networking on the computer. I peeked my head around the door and just stood there. It took him a few long seconds to realize who was standing there. I like to surprise them. :)

We went to Enid for a surprise party for one of my long time friends. We had lunch and visited long enough to get some blog worthy material {Thanks, Pa!} before the party!

Hubby went to move a tv at his parents house and Nandy was wrangling Kinley. I got my pump out to take care of business when Pa says, "you've got an automatic milker? Well, all be."I answered with yes but then remembered he had always been in the hospital the other times I had pumped in Enid (or there was a 5 year old running around that I wasn't going to explain the process to) Anywho... when I finished, he said, "my god, look at all that milk! She's like an old jersey cow."

This took place while pumping.... 

I love it! I remember my Pa always humming and singing silly songs when I was little. Who knows if they were all actually songs, that's not what matters. I love seeing both of them get so giddy when Kinley is around too.