Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sweet Family

Here is my sweet little family's fall picture and Christmas card picture.  
(of course posted way late...)

Merry Christmas from the Snows!

this silly little smirk :)

*photos were taken by a sweet mama from my school
Christina from Skip a Beat Photography was very patient with us as we took Kinley's one year pictures too

One balloon for one year old
On the Day You Were Born...

Sister Love

I love how she is cracking herself up

Friday, February 7, 2014

Kinley in Motion

There is a radio that is always on in the garage. When you open a door, doesn't matter if it is the house door to go out or the car door to unload from the car, she hears the music and just grins. Sometimes she will bob her head or even shake a hand in the air to let you know she hears some jams. She loves her music class at school too.

While we didn't really watch (IE- we didn't watch the game at all) the Super Bowl, we did tune in for some Bruno Mars at halftime. Here is a little video of her jamming. It's hard to tell but when Preston was holding her she would start shaking to the music. As you can probably guess from the video, she got her moves from her Dad. Ha!

A co-worker's son goes to 'school' with Kinley. As mentioned before, Kinley loves babies. The next video was taken when Cameron was being picked up. She has started "falling down" and picking herself back up to do it all over again.

I hope she loves to talk to her baby brother as much as she likes talking to the babies at school!