Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Do you see that below??

That is how much this girl owes on her college loans! Outstanding Balance: $0.00! YOU ARE READING THAT CORRECTLY.... NO DOLLARS AND NO CENTS!

I graduated college almost 6 years ago exactly and feel super proud that I (we, Hubby and I) do not have to pay them anymore! I will say that as a teacher in a low income school for 5 years, I was given a $5000 discount but I still feel like I have accomplished something big.

Now if I could only get them to send me some little certificate saying, "Congratulations! You are no longer indebted to the government!" or "Thank you for being a responsible citizen and sticking with your payments!" I would feel complete. :) It feels good to know the only thing I owe money on is the house I live in, which is totally normal.

I should also give a little shout out to Peg, the motorcycle, since he helped make this possible sooner. He helped pay off the truck and then some on this loan. You have been missed by Hubby on several sunny days!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Adorable things I heard over Fall Break

This is long overdue! I typed this up shortly after Claire left but I guess I never published it! For your viewing pleasure....

In no particular order, here are some ADORABLE and funny things I heard this weekend:

While at Nandy and Pa's, their dog, Buddy, nipped Claire. On the 5 minute car ride to my Dad's she was talking about how much it hurt.
C- "He just has sharp teeth. But mine are sharper."
J- "Well, are you going to bite him back since your teeth are sharper?"
C- "No! I would never do that. It would hurt his feelings. It would even break his little heart."

About 10 minutes outside of Enid, Claire woke up from a nap. She started crying and seemed to be in real mess. Brother asked me to pull over so he could calm her down (which didn't do much). The root of the problem was that she missed Mommy but there was nothing we could do about that on the side of the road. When we started to drive again, she said, "Daddy, you are awfully mean to me." "You hate me." It was so sad sounding yet funny at the same time. We both tried explaining to her that she just wasn't listening to him. Neither one of us were successful so we just ignored it.

While eating dinner at Nandy and Pa's, Pa said (talking to Nandy), "You want some salad, Mom?" Claire followed up with, "She's not your Mom!" So, whenever someone was called by any other name than she knows she lets you know that is not their name. Pa called me Jennie Marie and she said, "That's Aunt Jennie, not Jennie Marie!" Later in the evening, we talked about people's 'real name', and how everyone has a real name. She thought it was really funny that Pa and her Papa have the same name.

"My Daddy called me a royal butthead." I must say, she was kind of acting like it during this evenings meltdown. Her and I had been playing Princess Sisters, after making tiaras with a little kit I bought her, so everything was 'royal' at the moment. When I asked him if he said it, he said, "Yes. She is acting like one."

Prior to that meltdown, while working on the tiaras and wands, everything was "we shall put on stickers", "shall we do this?" "we shall." It was very princess like.

"I want to be a real live princess." -when asked what she wants to be when she grows up.

She also told me, "I'm going to pay to work half time and take care of my babies."

I asked Claire what she thought a building was that was being built-- "Excuse me? I'm not the one who builds things. I'm a kid." I asked then asked her why a kid couldn't do it... "Kids don't build things cause they could get hit on the side of the road." DUH. Silly me!

"Are you kidding? That will make it brighter." -on opening the car window a little bit 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A new post was asked for...

I have been reminded on more than one occasion that I have not blogged since November 21st. Pa kept trying to tell me it was October but I knew I had posted about my principal kissing the pig so I knew he was acting senile. :)

Without further ado, here is another installment of Crazy Stuff My Pa says…..

“They say the average release of gas is 14 times a day. I don’t believe it, mine is about 28 times.” –this was said on Thanksgiving day. No telling what we were talking about

“I keep seeing ads for male enhancement pills and telling Nan I should try them. She keeps asking who I’m going to use it on.”

And last but not least, there is nothing like hearing your 83 year-old Grandpa call someone a slut! It was priceless.

Hubby has now gotten onto Pa’s list… yesterday, he told Pa he would email him some pictures of the new plant his company is building. Today, Pa promptly told him, via Skype, that “I didn’t get any picture emails from you.” BUSTED!

Angel Kids at Christmas

For the past 2 years, Hubby and I have gotten ‘Angel Kids’ for Christmas. This year was no different! We have get our kids from church and they have worked for several years with Osage County DHS to make sure their foster kids are not left out at Christmas time.

The first year, Hubby signed us for 1. It was a girl. The second year, Hubby sent in the form and we had 2 kids! A little boy and a little girl. This year, when I got home Hubby showed me that he had the information for our little kids. The paper was folded in half and I saw that we had 2 boys. Bummer, I thought. Then I saw that there were 2 girls on the bottom. That’s right… he signed us up for 4 kids! Poor little Tobie will have to go without dog food for a while but there will be 4 happy kids with fun new toys to play with. ;)

This is for our little 4 year old girl.

This is for our little 6 year old girl

This is for our little 8 year old boy.

This is for our little 10 year old boy. (Hubby was SO excited to get a bike!)
I tease about Tobie not getting any dog food when I really feel overly blessed. We had fun picking out toys and clothes for these little kids. Did I mention that we spent 2.5 hours at Wal-Mart for this shopping spree?! Well we did! That is like a banner event for Hubby to be there that long too!

I have very close family friends that do this with their 2 little boys, trying to get kids that are close in age to their own. While Gabe and Eli are helping pick out toys, they may not realize now how much they are helping someone else out but someday they will. I think it is a great way to teach young kids about compassion and hope to carry that on someday when we have kids of our own.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Joe and Buffy in Australia

So on the Friday of our trip, we were all sporting our Eskimo Joe's shirts. If you turn in a picture from around the world, or anywhere for that matter, there is a pretty good chance they will post it online you see our pictures here.

For the not so computer saavy, I have posted them in here too. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Carnival

The Fall Carnival is over! Everything went well. We raised over $2000 to go towards purchasing an awning for our gym doors (currently, the kids wait outside in the rain, snow or sun with nothing), and our principal kissed a pig!

Now if I can make it 4 more days until Thanksgiving break! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hearts Around the World

Since we got married, we have collected hearts from different foreign vacations we have been on together. It all happened by accident on our honeymoon.

We got to our resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico and had to wait for our room to get cleaned. We left our luggage at the front desk and went to explore the beach. {i always remember that that when we left Oklahoma it was rainy and chilly so i was roaming the beach in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt and hubby in jeans and a long sleeve shirt.}

On our little journey, we found a rock shaped like a heart! And that is how our little tradition started

I took this picture of the beach one day so it made a perfect backdrop for our heart rock.

Our next big trip together was in 2010 to Jamaica. We went with 4 of Hubby's pledge brothers and their significant others. While we were out on the beach we were looking for a heart. We picked up several that sort of resembled a heart but I wasn't totally satisfied. Then Coleman hands me one he found. What a sweet friend!

Sunset on the nude (except after 5 pm) beach
Our most recent trip was to Australia. By watching Oprah, I had seen the cool heart shaped coral reef. We spent a night out on the water during our Great Barrier Reef trip to Cairns. While I was out snorkeling, I thought it would be cool if I was able to find a shell or something that was heart shaped. Then I thought, "I am not a swimmer. I would not be able to dive anywhere to get it and this water is not so shallow." Hubby had gotten pretty good at diving down a little ways with just his snorkel gear (I suppose being a better swimmer than I am makes that an easy task...) so I could just have him get it. BUT, I noticed that whenever I had my head down, saw something neat and brought my head up to tell whoever was around, I looked back down and had drifted away from it. There was no way I would be able to show him where to go. Another reason is that when we were out snorkeling, Hubby normally went off to do his own thing while I just floated around snorkeling. Not that he ditched me, but I guess I just didn't snorkel fast enough for his likings. Regardless, I never remembered when I saw him to tell him to look for anything.

As we were packing our things on the last day, Hubby says, "I got you something." and pulls out a heart shaped piece of coral. Isn't he so sweet!?! I immediately got excited and then nervous. Nervous that some sort of alarm would sound saying a piece of the Great Barrier Reef was missing or that someone would take it would get confiscated in customs.

We bought this picture of the heart reef at the QVB in Sydney. This photographer has some really awesome pictures from around Australia for a really reasonable price! {I still need to buy a different color matte so that our coral heart is easier to see.}

Here is a picture of our Hearts Around the World.

We have plenty of room for them to expand too! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Update

The first picture is from last weekend at my co-worker's wedding. They had a picture booth complete with fun dress-up clothes. Of course, it was absolutely necessary to cram all of the Liberty Ladies into the booth. There were 9 of us in there but I don't think there is a picture that full depicts that. :)

Looking at the top picture: Me the 'birthday girl', the bride- Haught, Diaz the crazy scientist, always proper Chambers, Taylor's ear, LeFlore the shark, Coatney the cheetah, Lynn the Rockstar, and Queen Thompson's head
Friday night, Hubby and I made a quick appearance in Enid. We attended the wedding of my friend since junior high, Natalie.

Haylee, Natalie, Holly and I

We were shaking our groove thing on the dance floor with Keaton
The plan was to go to the wedding and head home all in one night. Until I got a text from the mother-in-law. FIL had passed out again and they were at the hospital. We left the wedding around 9:45 and headed to Bass, where I waited in the ER waiting room. There have been such interesting people the two times I have been there recently. It makes for good people watching. Who really lets their kids run around bare footed in the waiting room? [the first time I was there, a group of people had a baby army crawling on the floor. i know it is a hospital and it should be clean, but... the ER waiting room floor is not my idea of clean. there was also a girl that had a sailor's mouth about a 'friend' that showed up at her boyfriend's house while she was working.] Very interesting both times.

Since we waited around to see if they knew anything, we ended up crashing at the in-laws house since they were crashing at the hospital. We left Enid around 8:45 because we HAD to be home by 11 to watch the OSU/ Texas Tech game.

My girl and I watching the game :)
 I watched until halftime, took the dog for a walk and then headed to school to do some last minute carnival stuff. I can now report that the carnival is OVER! Everyone had lots of fun! Some popular new attractions were the 'beauty parlor' where you could get your face painted, hair "dyed", or a tattoo; we had 4 pinatas that were also popular, and a black out room. A positive thing to having the carnival after Halloween is that we bought half-priced face paint and the hair color! Score!

Another school in the district is having their carnival this coming weekend. I sort of want to crash it just see what they have and how they run it.

Today, I am relaxing. I really should go to school to clean up my classroom but I just don't think I am going to have that kind of motivation which means I will need to get up early {ugh.} and go to school in the morning.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Busy Beaver

One thing that kept me busy....

Each year, my school does a spook house. I mean, really, how many elementary schools do you know that have a spook house?!? Well, it is quite fun! It is usually held the night of our Fall Carnival but this year we moved our Fall Carnival to this Saturday, November 12th from 5-8.

That decision was good and bad. Good-- because it meant we had a little more time to plan and did have to prepare for both events on the same night. Bad-- because it meant we had two seperate nights to plan for.

On a bright side, the spook house made a $400 profit!

Now it is on to last minute planning for the Fall Carnival. Many things have been dumped onto other people's plates too! The part of not knowing if people are going to show up to help out is annoying. If you aren't going to participate and you want out then say so so we can carry on and plan without you. Don't show up that day and get huffy that everything has been planned out. I will not take that too well. :)

I am at the point that I will be glad when the Carnival is over! Only 3 days....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Posts about Australia

So my dear friend and travel partner Courtney has done an excellent job documenting our Australian Adventure. Below are the links to all of her posts. Maybe someday I will get around to being more detailed about parts of once in a lifetime trip!

Oz: Part 1

Oz: Part 2

Oz: Part 3

Oz: Part 4

Oz: Part 5

Oz: Part 6

Oz: Part 7.2

Oz: Part 8

Oz: Funny Things Aussies Say

I may have to update this if she adds more too! Everytime I read her blog, I think, "Man! I wish I could have gone!" And then I remember, "YEA!!! I went with her!!"

**Update #1- Cane Juice

Number 2!

A little bit random but exciting!

As long as I can remember, I have been an OSU Cowboy fan. Growing up, I never knew how 'hard' it was to be a Cowby fan. In college, I learned there were ups and downs to being a Cowboy fan. The football team was mediocre at best and the basketball team went to the Final Four during my college career.

When I attended games during college, I never left before they were over. Okay, you caught me, I clearly remember leaving the 2004 Homecoming football game, but I had a valid reason... Hubby and I's fraternity and sorority had just won the homecoming house dec contest. This was a big deal because Hubby and his 2 buddies designed and brought to life the theme.

Look how HAPPY and tired these boys are!!

I digress.... back to the matter at hand... Our football team is Number 2 in the BCS polls! {I don't know what BCS means but I know it is good!} It's exciting to know that with hard work and dedication good things come! You know, because I work hard on the field... but as always, I am excited to be an Oklahoma State Cowboys fan! Go Pokes!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day of Firsts...

Today, I had a first at school. The first time a student didn't eat lunch!

You see, everyday before lunch I turn on my Smartboard. We watch some songs off of Youtube, like color songs, letter sound songs, etc. From the beginning, I have told the kids not to touch the screen while our video is on or it will quit playing and it will most likely go to a video I have not pre-screened (just in case). Today was no different. This child went up and tapped some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse video. I told the child to go sit at their seat. Then when we were ready to go, I told this child to get in line with us and off we went... or so I thought.

I got all my kids through the line and went to the lounge to eat my lunch. 30 minutes later I buzzed into the classroom, turned on our relaxing piano music and went to my partner's room to get my kids. When we got in, all of the kids laid down in their rest spots. [YES, we still have rest time. Basically, it is 15ish minutes to wind down from recess and then I read part of a chapter book to them] I noticed this child was in the the seat but I thought maybe they just wanted to be there so they wouldn't make anymore sad choices.

When I finish reading, we put our blankets away and head to music and PE. I copied my newsletter and came back to my room to find the child STILL sitting in the seat! I ask, "Why aren't you in music with everyone else?" Then I start questioning if the child had been there since before lunch, which was a good hour ago. I never got an answer so off to music we went. I asked our substitute aide if she had seen the child in the cafeteria but she couldn't remember since she is in charge of the other class. So, it is off to my principal, who is on lunch duty with my kids. I tell him what happened but that I never got an answer of staying there since before lunch.

We decide the child did in fact stay in the classroom THE WHOLE TIME! We round up a milk, chocolate pudding, string cheese, peanut butter crackers and a breakfast bar. The child eats late 'lunch' in the principal's office and returns to class.

THEN, while reading our book about leaves, another student asks, "Can I go to the bathroom?" My first answer is always, "Can you wait a minute?" since I am in the middle of a book. This child said 'no' so I said, 'hurry.' Child leaves and then comes back and sits back in the assigned spot on the rug. The next thing I know, this child is doing a little dance while sitting on their knees. I ask "Are okay?" "I need to go to the bathroom." Me: "Go." (while thinking maybe there is a bladder infection). As the child stands up, I notice wet pants so I follow into the hall instructing them to go to the counselor to get clean clothes.

Our counselor's room is kind of tucked into a corner so I said to go to the library and tell them you need the counselor. "OK." I return to the class and call the counselor to give her a heads up. Several minutes later, she comes down to my room asking where the child is. WHAT?! HOW DID I LOSE ANOTHER ONE?

I go across the hall, get the aide and head towards the bathroom with the counselor. No kid there. We go ask in the office. Nope, no kid. Our counselor then jokingly says, "Maybe the child is back in the room." I think, 'No way. I walked the child out into the hall and haven't seen anyone come back in.' Low and behold, we go back to the classroom and there sits the student at their seat!

Geez! I felt like I was losing my mind! Tomorrow, I will make sure everyone leaves the classroom for lunch!

AND, I felt ANOTHER earthquake while typing this post. How crazy! How do I know it was for real? I checked facebook and several people commented about it. :)


Since when did Oklahoma start having earthquakes? I am sure there have been many but I never knew of them or felt one before. I have now felt two of them!

Friday night, I was up late (as usual) working on some Pistol Pete bows. Hubby had long gone to bed when I heard a rumble and some shaking. The rumble sounded as if the wind had shifted and picked up. It was the weirded feeling to be sitting on the floor and feel a little shake. I honestly thought I had momentarily gone crazy. I looked outside but couldn't tell if it was windy, nor would I have known if the wind had changed direction. So I went to the next best thing, the internet. I didn't find anything but I guess since it had just happened there hadn't been time to post anything. I carried on with my bows and then went to bed forgetting all about it.

I got up Saturday morning, finished my bows and made my desserts for Hubby to take tailgating. I was staying behind to go to wedding for one of my co-workers.

After the wedding, I went Stillwater for the OSU v. KState game. When I was getting ready to leave, I was thinking how tired I was, how I was starting to feel under the weather, how late it would be when I had to drive myself back home... and many more. I almost opted to stay home, snuggle up with Tobie on the couch and watch the game BUT then I decided it would be a big waste of a ticket and I really did want to see the game in person. Boy was I glad I went! It was a good game!

Before we leave the stadium, I always go to the bathroom because I don't want to use the porta potty that has been used all day near our tailgate. While I was going potty, I felt shaking and heard some rattling of the doors. My first thought was that maybe people were running around in the stands, even though I knew there weren't a whole lot of people left up there. When I was washing my hands another lady commented about feeling it too. She asked if it was another earthquake. So I'm not crazy!

When I got out of the bathroom, I remembered to tell Hubby about the one I felt the night before and the one I just felt while on the toilet. It was all the talk when we returned to the tailgate. Apparently, it was 5.6 on the richter scale!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Blessing

On Facebook, a lot of people are posting things they are thankful to have before Thanksgiving. Since I know some people don't have facebook (Pa), I wanted them to see what today's blessing in my life is...

I am blessed to have a wonderful Nandy and Pa. They were a great help to my family when I was younger. They are such a wonderful example of what I want my marriage to look like when Preston and I are old and gray.

 Thanks for being such great grandparents!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friday Friend?

After school on Friday, Tobie and I went to do our daily chore... check the mail {which we never get anything besides bills  and junk :( }. The fun little plants by are mailbox had seen their days so I decided to pull them. Then I stumbled on this little guy...


It took a little poking but I finally got it to move so I could see its little red spot.
I left the branch it was stuck on on the mailbox so Hubby could see when he got home. I went to show him and he had thrown the branch away! Now this guy is living in my trash trolley or back out in my yard. Ick.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Angel

While Claire was visiting, she met someone very important.

My Mom
I found out from Claire's mom that she had asked a few questions here and there. So after talking to Brother, (basically I told him I wanted to make sure Claire knew who she was so I was going to make a little book of pictures of Mom) I gave her this picture, which is what I took to college with me and what is hanging on my refrigerator.

The book has a few pictures from when she was little and then they grow in time. I will be printing one for Hubby and I to have as well, so our children will know their Angel too. I wasn't able to actually show her a book in her hands but we showed it to her on the computer. She was very interested in the actual picture that she got to take home. She even asked, "Don't you miss her?" I told her that we do but we know she is always with us and can talk to her anytime and that we always have our fun memories with her.

Later that evening, we went to Nandy and Pa's to eat dinner. In their dining room is this same picture. While we were eating, Claire saw it, leaned over to me and said, "That's my Angel!"

Sunday night, Claire Skyped her mom and showed her the new picture she was bringing home with her.  She even told Grandpa O, "Look! It's my Angel!" Then, when I was leaving, we went outside and when she saw all the stars said, "There's my Mom (which she meant Brother and I's mom)" and named other angels she has too.

She is very proud of her picture and took good care of it, carrying it delicately and just looking at it.

On the last page of the book, I put the following quote:
"Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear."
- Anonymous

Not that I needed it....

But it was brought to my attention this evening that I haven't posted since October 12th. Thanks, PaL! I guess I was just waiting to see how long it would take Pa to get onto me. ;) Not really. I have felt so busy, like I never have time. I sit down and think about it but never act on doing it.
Last time I wrote, I was preparing for Claire’s arrival. We had lots of fun while she was here! On Thursday, I picked them up at the airport with these.
Claire was SUPER excited about hers! Jeffrey? Not so much.

We played for a tiny little bit on the Aquarium toy right outside of the security gates.

Went to our house for a little bit and then met Uncle Preston for lunch at Braum’s. The girls went to the bathroom before lunch and Claire wanted to hide and scare Uncle Preston.
"We have to hide!"

Then it was off to Enid for the three of us while Hubby went back to work. He joined us again on Friday night. When we were about 10 miles outside of Enid, Claire woke up from her car ride nap in an unhappy mood. We pulled over on the highway to try and calm her down. I think the main problem was waking up at 3:30 to catch a plane at 4 something in the morning, flying all day, sleeping in the car (on the sunny side), and waking up in a new place.

We went to Grandpa O’s, then later to Nandy and Pa’s for dinner. For not seeing most of them since January, she warmed up nicely.
My Dad showed Claire some drawer of junk... she found water guns, so we put them to use!

Friday, we went to visit Great Grandma O in Guthrie. We ate at a little diner type place where Claire and I shared this yummy dessert!

She loved the whipped cream most!!

4 Generations

Saturday, we played around Grandpa O’s some more while watching the OSU/Missouri game. During the first half Claire and I worked on making a tiara for her Cheetah Rosa. It had to match our that we decorated the night before! The second half, I shared entertaining Claire with Brother and Grandpa O. Uncle Preston was fully committed to watching his Cowboys.

After the game, Claire, Brother, Tobie and I went on a treasure hunt in the ditch. I know… it sounds silly, “in the ditch” but Brother and I used to spend many hours riding our bikes or tromping up and down that nasty old thing. Now, it is quite dry. We even built some ‘sand castles’ for our kingdom. Grandpa O and Petey joined us too. Uncle Preston was still glued to the TV even though the game was over. While on our hunt, we found little flowers and tiny shells to decorate the castles. We even stumbled onto diamonds! (also known as glass). We found a ladybug and saw an abandoned pirate ship too!

We were finally able to drag Uncle Preston away from the TV. They are finding some more diamonds!

We headed to Nandy and Pa's to have spaghetti for dinner. First, Grandpa O, Claire and I went to their neighbor's little backyard pond!

Add caption

After we finished eating, Claire and I ran to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart. We bought the necessary items to make some special people a glitter pumpkin!

Aren't they pretty?!
Sunday, we all got up to head to church. After church we went to deliver Kay's glitter pumpkin... afterall, she is who showed me the idea!

Kay and Claire snuggling their babies

Uncle Preston and Spencer had to help watch the babies so they wouldn't get eaten by the monsters while we got our Queen Rest. :) Brother was also put on baby duty too!

Hubby and I with our adorable little niece!

Claire and her BFF

Claire is actually "walking on the alligator backs through the lava" but didn't it turn out to be a cute little pose?!

Grandpa O was hosting his Gourmet group so I stuck around to eat plus I just really didn't want to leave Claire. I headed back home Sunday night (after getting chewed out by Pa). I hated leaving that little cutie but I suppose that is the life of being grown-ups. I only weeped a little bit driving down the road. :(

If you couldn't tell, it was a fabulous weekend!!! It was great to spend so much time with my family. I wish I could have one like that every weekend.