Thursday, November 10, 2011

Busy Beaver

One thing that kept me busy....

Each year, my school does a spook house. I mean, really, how many elementary schools do you know that have a spook house?!? Well, it is quite fun! It is usually held the night of our Fall Carnival but this year we moved our Fall Carnival to this Saturday, November 12th from 5-8.

That decision was good and bad. Good-- because it meant we had a little more time to plan and did have to prepare for both events on the same night. Bad-- because it meant we had two seperate nights to plan for.

On a bright side, the spook house made a $400 profit!

Now it is on to last minute planning for the Fall Carnival. Many things have been dumped onto other people's plates too! The part of not knowing if people are going to show up to help out is annoying. If you aren't going to participate and you want out then say so so we can carry on and plan without you. Don't show up that day and get huffy that everything has been planned out. I will not take that too well. :)

I am at the point that I will be glad when the Carnival is over! Only 3 days....

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