Friday, November 4, 2011

Not that I needed it....

But it was brought to my attention this evening that I haven't posted since October 12th. Thanks, PaL! I guess I was just waiting to see how long it would take Pa to get onto me. ;) Not really. I have felt so busy, like I never have time. I sit down and think about it but never act on doing it.
Last time I wrote, I was preparing for Claire’s arrival. We had lots of fun while she was here! On Thursday, I picked them up at the airport with these.
Claire was SUPER excited about hers! Jeffrey? Not so much.

We played for a tiny little bit on the Aquarium toy right outside of the security gates.

Went to our house for a little bit and then met Uncle Preston for lunch at Braum’s. The girls went to the bathroom before lunch and Claire wanted to hide and scare Uncle Preston.
"We have to hide!"

Then it was off to Enid for the three of us while Hubby went back to work. He joined us again on Friday night. When we were about 10 miles outside of Enid, Claire woke up from her car ride nap in an unhappy mood. We pulled over on the highway to try and calm her down. I think the main problem was waking up at 3:30 to catch a plane at 4 something in the morning, flying all day, sleeping in the car (on the sunny side), and waking up in a new place.

We went to Grandpa O’s, then later to Nandy and Pa’s for dinner. For not seeing most of them since January, she warmed up nicely.
My Dad showed Claire some drawer of junk... she found water guns, so we put them to use!

Friday, we went to visit Great Grandma O in Guthrie. We ate at a little diner type place where Claire and I shared this yummy dessert!

She loved the whipped cream most!!

4 Generations

Saturday, we played around Grandpa O’s some more while watching the OSU/Missouri game. During the first half Claire and I worked on making a tiara for her Cheetah Rosa. It had to match our that we decorated the night before! The second half, I shared entertaining Claire with Brother and Grandpa O. Uncle Preston was fully committed to watching his Cowboys.

After the game, Claire, Brother, Tobie and I went on a treasure hunt in the ditch. I know… it sounds silly, “in the ditch” but Brother and I used to spend many hours riding our bikes or tromping up and down that nasty old thing. Now, it is quite dry. We even built some ‘sand castles’ for our kingdom. Grandpa O and Petey joined us too. Uncle Preston was still glued to the TV even though the game was over. While on our hunt, we found little flowers and tiny shells to decorate the castles. We even stumbled onto diamonds! (also known as glass). We found a ladybug and saw an abandoned pirate ship too!

We were finally able to drag Uncle Preston away from the TV. They are finding some more diamonds!

We headed to Nandy and Pa's to have spaghetti for dinner. First, Grandpa O, Claire and I went to their neighbor's little backyard pond!

Add caption

After we finished eating, Claire and I ran to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart. We bought the necessary items to make some special people a glitter pumpkin!

Aren't they pretty?!
Sunday, we all got up to head to church. After church we went to deliver Kay's glitter pumpkin... afterall, she is who showed me the idea!

Kay and Claire snuggling their babies

Uncle Preston and Spencer had to help watch the babies so they wouldn't get eaten by the monsters while we got our Queen Rest. :) Brother was also put on baby duty too!

Hubby and I with our adorable little niece!

Claire and her BFF

Claire is actually "walking on the alligator backs through the lava" but didn't it turn out to be a cute little pose?!

Grandpa O was hosting his Gourmet group so I stuck around to eat plus I just really didn't want to leave Claire. I headed back home Sunday night (after getting chewed out by Pa). I hated leaving that little cutie but I suppose that is the life of being grown-ups. I only weeped a little bit driving down the road. :(

If you couldn't tell, it was a fabulous weekend!!! It was great to spend so much time with my family. I wish I could have one like that every weekend.

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