Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Update

The first picture is from last weekend at my co-worker's wedding. They had a picture booth complete with fun dress-up clothes. Of course, it was absolutely necessary to cram all of the Liberty Ladies into the booth. There were 9 of us in there but I don't think there is a picture that full depicts that. :)

Looking at the top picture: Me the 'birthday girl', the bride- Haught, Diaz the crazy scientist, always proper Chambers, Taylor's ear, LeFlore the shark, Coatney the cheetah, Lynn the Rockstar, and Queen Thompson's head
Friday night, Hubby and I made a quick appearance in Enid. We attended the wedding of my friend since junior high, Natalie.

Haylee, Natalie, Holly and I

We were shaking our groove thing on the dance floor with Keaton
The plan was to go to the wedding and head home all in one night. Until I got a text from the mother-in-law. FIL had passed out again and they were at the hospital. We left the wedding around 9:45 and headed to Bass, where I waited in the ER waiting room. There have been such interesting people the two times I have been there recently. It makes for good people watching. Who really lets their kids run around bare footed in the waiting room? [the first time I was there, a group of people had a baby army crawling on the floor. i know it is a hospital and it should be clean, but... the ER waiting room floor is not my idea of clean. there was also a girl that had a sailor's mouth about a 'friend' that showed up at her boyfriend's house while she was working.] Very interesting both times.

Since we waited around to see if they knew anything, we ended up crashing at the in-laws house since they were crashing at the hospital. We left Enid around 8:45 because we HAD to be home by 11 to watch the OSU/ Texas Tech game.

My girl and I watching the game :)
 I watched until halftime, took the dog for a walk and then headed to school to do some last minute carnival stuff. I can now report that the carnival is OVER! Everyone had lots of fun! Some popular new attractions were the 'beauty parlor' where you could get your face painted, hair "dyed", or a tattoo; we had 4 pinatas that were also popular, and a black out room. A positive thing to having the carnival after Halloween is that we bought half-priced face paint and the hair color! Score!

Another school in the district is having their carnival this coming weekend. I sort of want to crash it just see what they have and how they run it.

Today, I am relaxing. I really should go to school to clean up my classroom but I just don't think I am going to have that kind of motivation which means I will need to get up early {ugh.} and go to school in the morning.

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