Monday, November 7, 2011

Day of Firsts...

Today, I had a first at school. The first time a student didn't eat lunch!

You see, everyday before lunch I turn on my Smartboard. We watch some songs off of Youtube, like color songs, letter sound songs, etc. From the beginning, I have told the kids not to touch the screen while our video is on or it will quit playing and it will most likely go to a video I have not pre-screened (just in case). Today was no different. This child went up and tapped some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse video. I told the child to go sit at their seat. Then when we were ready to go, I told this child to get in line with us and off we went... or so I thought.

I got all my kids through the line and went to the lounge to eat my lunch. 30 minutes later I buzzed into the classroom, turned on our relaxing piano music and went to my partner's room to get my kids. When we got in, all of the kids laid down in their rest spots. [YES, we still have rest time. Basically, it is 15ish minutes to wind down from recess and then I read part of a chapter book to them] I noticed this child was in the the seat but I thought maybe they just wanted to be there so they wouldn't make anymore sad choices.

When I finish reading, we put our blankets away and head to music and PE. I copied my newsletter and came back to my room to find the child STILL sitting in the seat! I ask, "Why aren't you in music with everyone else?" Then I start questioning if the child had been there since before lunch, which was a good hour ago. I never got an answer so off to music we went. I asked our substitute aide if she had seen the child in the cafeteria but she couldn't remember since she is in charge of the other class. So, it is off to my principal, who is on lunch duty with my kids. I tell him what happened but that I never got an answer of staying there since before lunch.

We decide the child did in fact stay in the classroom THE WHOLE TIME! We round up a milk, chocolate pudding, string cheese, peanut butter crackers and a breakfast bar. The child eats late 'lunch' in the principal's office and returns to class.

THEN, while reading our book about leaves, another student asks, "Can I go to the bathroom?" My first answer is always, "Can you wait a minute?" since I am in the middle of a book. This child said 'no' so I said, 'hurry.' Child leaves and then comes back and sits back in the assigned spot on the rug. The next thing I know, this child is doing a little dance while sitting on their knees. I ask "Are okay?" "I need to go to the bathroom." Me: "Go." (while thinking maybe there is a bladder infection). As the child stands up, I notice wet pants so I follow into the hall instructing them to go to the counselor to get clean clothes.

Our counselor's room is kind of tucked into a corner so I said to go to the library and tell them you need the counselor. "OK." I return to the class and call the counselor to give her a heads up. Several minutes later, she comes down to my room asking where the child is. WHAT?! HOW DID I LOSE ANOTHER ONE?

I go across the hall, get the aide and head towards the bathroom with the counselor. No kid there. We go ask in the office. Nope, no kid. Our counselor then jokingly says, "Maybe the child is back in the room." I think, 'No way. I walked the child out into the hall and haven't seen anyone come back in.' Low and behold, we go back to the classroom and there sits the student at their seat!

Geez! I felt like I was losing my mind! Tomorrow, I will make sure everyone leaves the classroom for lunch!

AND, I felt ANOTHER earthquake while typing this post. How crazy! How do I know it was for real? I checked facebook and several people commented about it. :)

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