Friday, April 25, 2014

34 weeks and beyond!

{As I finish this, our little Brother Bear is almost 7 weeks old. I feel sad that I was not able to keep up with posting and all the details of this pregnancy. But... I will say that there was a lot of other things that went on and had to be taken care which kept me busy and unable to sit down to blog my adventure. Now that he is here, I feel like I need to get this posted before I can post about him. He is such a sweet little guy that needs some blog lovin'!!}

34 weeks
This week was big for Brother Bear! He got curtains that I think we will like, his car seat will be getting cleaned up for him and we will pick up his crib and dresser this weekend! We also got registered at the hospital so we are good to go whenever the time comes. Guess that means it is time to start thinking about packing some sort of bag?

We are determined to decide on a name, as many people are frustrated that he doesn't have one yet. I don't know why but it seems harder to decide this time. I suppose part of it is because Kinley's name is so cute that we want to make sure his is equally cool (you know since boys probably wouldn't be concerned with having a cute name).

He is still like a little bouncy ball tucked inside my belly, sometimes more so than his sister. At school, he was fed really well as my co-workers took the week to celebrate me as the Teacher of the Year.

 We also got the crib and dresser put into Brother's room! Whew, they came in before he got home!

35 weeks
36 weeks
 During 36 weeks, we finally got Brother Bear's room put together. We made his name sign but only told family and a few close friends what his name was going to be. The rest of the world found out when he was born.

37 weeks
On February 22, Brother had a shower hosted by some of my college friends. It was an adorable transportation theme to go along with his bedroom! I loved the blues and orange of it too! A bonus was that there were Sixlets for days to eat afterwards! (I actually just finished mine off this week, 2 months after the shower! I think I had good restraint on eating them )

Jade, Susan, Casey and Sharon

Nandy, Aunt Mary and Anna

Courtney, Erin, Tiffany, Grace, BA and Kay
--not pictured... Jennifer, Jillian and Nancy, and photographer, Heather--

Kinley and I with Nandy, Aunt Mary, Anna and Sharon

Cute little outfits, books, cars and more!

38 weeks

38 weeks with the sisters
During this week, I visited the doctor on a Friday, February 28. However, when the day came around, I felt like poo. I had started sniffling and had a little cough to go with it. My PE teacher was adamant about me not doing our assistant's duty, as I had done in the past so that she could have her lunch and I could make my appointment. Little did I know, my teacher friends had planned a surprise diaper shower! At least a week or two before, I had mentioned in the teacher's lounge that I had this appointment and no one said anything about it.Well, surprise to you too! I can't stay long because I have an appointment.

Dr. W. said Brother was still baking, head down so we would wait and see what the week would bring. I told him I had started coughing and had the sniffles but didn't feel sick, maybe it was just allergies starting up. He recommended some Claritin and cough syrup so I stopped on the way back to school and loaded up!
As the days progressed, I kept coughing and coughing and coughing. Each time I needed to cough, I had to prepare myself because I did not want to cough the baby right out of me... or pee my pants. One of the two may or may not have happened on more than one occasion.

People would ask me when my last day was before maternity leave kicked in and my response was, "I'll be here until Mr. Bobby (our custodian) is following me around with a mop bucket telling me to go home." And I pretty much did that.... 

I went to work on Wednesday, March 5th. The cold or whatever I had left me feeling like poo but I had to go. I spent my plan time resting on the couch in the teacher's lounge. At one point, my assistant came in with a blanket and said, "Mr. S. (the principal) asked me to cover you up. He thought it might be awkward if he came in and did it himself." When it was time to get my kids I felt a little more refreshed. We finished off the day and at the end of the day, I told my kids to have a good night and I would see them tomorrow. As I was leaving with my friends and feeling like dooky, I said, "You know, at this point I really should leave everyday as if I am not coming in tomorrow." and then I shut off the lights and closed the door..........

{I know, I know, I did horrible at recording the preparation for Brother Bear but it truly is harder to do with another little person running around. I am doing my best to keep up with his baby book since I know how bare mine is. And to make me feel better, I haven't totally kept up with Kinley's}