Monday, April 25, 2011


I am so far behind, I don't know if I can catch up! I guess I will just cover the highlights:

We went to Stillwater for the Spring Football Game on Saturday, April 16th. It was a good time but got even better when I took Spencer to go potty. I ran into Zac Robinson! I then asked him if he would mind going to meet a huge fan of his. He kindly walked over with me. I felt bad afterwards because it caused a scene, you know, being an OSU celebrity. His appearance sure did make a happy camper out of Terri!

Isn't he pretty?! :)

Here are the eggs in the incubator. Exciting, huh?!

Our butterflies have started hatching! The first one came on Tuesday, April 19

The red is not blood. It is the extra color that comes off of the wet wings.
Then there were 2! (There were 4 when I last left school, but I doubt I can get a picture of all four together...)


A friend brought these to share. They looked so cute and smelled yummy but I couldn't have one since I gave up candy for lent.

Another pretty butterfly

During the week of Earth Day, we talked about it in class. There are several cute books that help kids understand what it means to "Go Green." One of the favorites we read was

In this book, Fancy Nancy teaches them tips to going green, like: "Less than a mile, bike in style" or "Get clean, but stay green" (referring to taking short showers).

After duty on Friday, one of my students was "catching the litterbug on the playground." He was picking up trash on our way into the building to wait for his ride. He was so proud of himself too!

Saturday, April 23rd, we ventured to Enid to celebrate Pa and Hubby's birthday. It was lovely to hang out with the family and celebrate two of the special men in my life.

Pa has a bag of treats in hand. I didn't know if he would actually make it back to his chair without getting pounced on. :)

Easter Sunday has been nothing but rain. Yes, we need it but ALL day? It did make for a good excuse to not get out of my jammies. (Yes, we were naughty kittens and didn't get up for church.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 There isn't a whole lot going on in the school home front....
Day 132- we still had 4 chrysalis. I told the kids that if the last caterpillar wasn't a chrysalis by the end of the day, it would definitely would be when they got there Tuesday. Sure enough!

Now we just wait for the to start hatching!

We also received our eggs. Those will take 3-4 weeks to start hatching. (picture still to come)

Recently, I decided that I wanted a bird bath for part of our flowerbed. I had what I wanted in mind but we didn't find it at first. We even looked when we were in OKC. On Sunday, we bought this cutie!

I went out to check on it today, (you know, to make sure it was still there... or just to look at how cute it is!) and I could tell that a bird had used it! How did I know??? There was poop on it!

Sunday afternoon I also made a big batch of hummingbird food. I have the feeders out and am ready for the little guys to start coming in! I guess my Nandy's enjoyment for birds has rubbed off on me. Hubby on the other hand... not so much. He does enjoy the seeing the hummingbirds though.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Butterfly update

Sunday, April 10th- So yesterday there were two chrysalis. Today when I went to school there were 4. I have no doubt that there will be 5 by the time I leave school tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Here is another butterfly activity we did!
The butterfly life cycle told in noodles

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break part 2... finally

Since I feel like my "skirt has touched my ass", I think I will finish our spring break trip. 

Thursday morning, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We headed out early. We had a few stops to make on our way home. We stopped at the Warm Glow Candle Outlet about an hour away. Not as cool as the one I remember as kid near Bartlesville but picked up a couple things for some of the little people (niece and godsons) in our life.

Then we were headed to Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Kissing the bricks at Indianapolis

We also drove by Lucas Oil Stadium where the Indianapolis Colts play. Hank and Peyton weren’t in but that place is HUGE! It sort of resembles a barn.

Finally, we were off to St. Louis. We got there around 5:30. When my brother was in college, I had seen a billboard for The Lady of the Snows. I wondered what it was but never investigated it. Well, I saw it again this time and said, “I need to go there. I AM a Lady of the Snows.” We looked it up and went. It was only 10 miles away from our downtown destination. Turns out it is a Catholic thing. The National Shrine to Our Lady of the Snow. It was a very pretty and peaceful. It also reminded me of something I had seen in my childhood: The Lady of Fatima in Bison, OK.
We saw what I think is the ultimate THANK YOU to myself for being a DD for life. :)

After leaving, I set Nina again to take us to our hotel. There isn’t an option to “avoid the ghetto” and she took us straight through it! We got a couple odd looks but just kept driving. We arrived at our hotel in time to enjoy 37 minutes of their “Kickback Hour.” They give each person 3 free drinks and have food out. That evening was nachos, salad and baked potatoes. Kind of random but nice to have a little snack before we walked down to the Arch. It was St. Patty’s Day, surely there is something going on down there, right? WRONG. We walked a good mile, took a few pictures of the Arch and the almost full moon, and headed back. We stopped at Calaco’s for pizza and saw the aftermath of a girl hitting a light pole with her car…. It fell ON her car. Finished our walk to our hotel and went to bed.

Nothing like a little CSI business while we are in St. Louis

Thursday, March 18th- Happy 5 year anniversary to my other half, who makes me better every day. We walked back to the Arch to ride the capsule to the top. Hubby was funny. He kept questioning how it worked. I told him it was like a ferris wheel. He just had to see for himself.

St. Louis has these butterflies all over the place. They remind be of the bison or buffalo (whichever it is) that are scattered all over Oklahoma.

After The Arch, we headed to the Anheuser-Busch plant. (Can you guess who planned the trip home?)

Somebody's tour paid off with samples at the end!
 After one night at home, we packed up and headed to OKC for a 1st birthday party and wedding.

Then we visited Grandma and picked up our pooch. Luckily, Tobie's Grandpa was willing to skip church and meet us in Guthrie with her!
Got my girlfriend back!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 131

Finally Friday! is how I felt all day. After this week, I can rest assured that my friends know all about the butterfly life cycle. We read a couple books about and did many activities recreating the cycle.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

They had to put it in order of the story.

I ran up to the school today to pick something up, and to take an updated picture, to find that there are 2 chrysalis!
Day 12

Our butterfly door

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 129-130

My 100th post!!! And nothing too exciting to write about.  Bummer.

Today our school had a run to raise money for a 13 year old who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. His dad is a principal in the district and his mother is a 5th grade teacher. The younger brother did not travel to Memphis, Tennessee, when the others took off for St. Jude's.

From what I read on their blog and hear through the grapevine, they have an amazing faith. Their faith may rival that of a lady I once knew. I call her Mom. Though I was young, I remember how dedicated she was to her God. Because of her, I knew I was left in good hands.

Back to the run... the kids really enjoyed doing and it was nice to get to hang with some of my little kids that donated money for the cause. Here is a group picture before the one mile run.

Off to bed! Good news... tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Days 126-128

I know I have left spring break part 2 hanging in the rafters but there are lots of pictures to upload and a sleepy girl on your hands. This will have to do you for now, Pal!

Day 126- Friday, April 1- My kids were trying to pull April Fool's jokes on each other all day. Many of them did not like being tricked. One child approached me saying, "Your mom called and you are in trouble." Really? I think you are the one in trouble if my mom is calling you. I just said, "OK." and walked off.

Today, we journaled about spring. They were given the prompt, "I like spring because..." Many of my friends like spring because flowers start to grow and animal hatch. But there was only one, "I like spring because cars come out and go on vacation in Hawaii." 

Caterpillars on Day 3 at school

Hard to tell but these adorable basset hound puppies visited my class on Friday. Puppy breath and all!

Sunday, I went to school to get ready for the week. As I was working on my computer, I kept seeing these guys, out of the corner of my eye, wiggling around. I am fascinated by watching these grow!

Day 5: Can you believe how much they have grown?!?
Day 127- Just as the caterpillar excitement is wearing off, we will be gearing up for some more excitement... CHICKS! We are supposed to be receiving eggs at the end of the week. Last year, I was fascinated with seeing them and the baby chicks. Don't get me wrong, I was excited, but do I really want to have to deal with the mess? I do, but I don't.

Oooh, I have been using the supplies I received from my second Donors Choose grant. It was all about science. Any ways, the kids love the materials! I also got really excited when I went to use them and found they were cooler than I even knew! I am very lucky to have had such wonderful donors support the project so that my kids are able to use them this year. I have also turned in a grant for literacy items to our district group. I will find out June 1st if I received funding for it! Cross your fingers and say your prayers!

Day 128-
Day 7: Still growing!