Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break part 2... finally

Since I feel like my "skirt has touched my ass", I think I will finish our spring break trip. 

Thursday morning, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We headed out early. We had a few stops to make on our way home. We stopped at the Warm Glow Candle Outlet about an hour away. Not as cool as the one I remember as kid near Bartlesville but picked up a couple things for some of the little people (niece and godsons) in our life.

Then we were headed to Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Kissing the bricks at Indianapolis

We also drove by Lucas Oil Stadium where the Indianapolis Colts play. Hank and Peyton weren’t in but that place is HUGE! It sort of resembles a barn.

Finally, we were off to St. Louis. We got there around 5:30. When my brother was in college, I had seen a billboard for The Lady of the Snows. I wondered what it was but never investigated it. Well, I saw it again this time and said, “I need to go there. I AM a Lady of the Snows.” We looked it up and went. It was only 10 miles away from our downtown destination. Turns out it is a Catholic thing. The National Shrine to Our Lady of the Snow. It was a very pretty and peaceful. It also reminded me of something I had seen in my childhood: The Lady of Fatima in Bison, OK.
We saw what I think is the ultimate THANK YOU to myself for being a DD for life. :)

After leaving, I set Nina again to take us to our hotel. There isn’t an option to “avoid the ghetto” and she took us straight through it! We got a couple odd looks but just kept driving. We arrived at our hotel in time to enjoy 37 minutes of their “Kickback Hour.” They give each person 3 free drinks and have food out. That evening was nachos, salad and baked potatoes. Kind of random but nice to have a little snack before we walked down to the Arch. It was St. Patty’s Day, surely there is something going on down there, right? WRONG. We walked a good mile, took a few pictures of the Arch and the almost full moon, and headed back. We stopped at Calaco’s for pizza and saw the aftermath of a girl hitting a light pole with her car…. It fell ON her car. Finished our walk to our hotel and went to bed.

Nothing like a little CSI business while we are in St. Louis

Thursday, March 18th- Happy 5 year anniversary to my other half, who makes me better every day. We walked back to the Arch to ride the capsule to the top. Hubby was funny. He kept questioning how it worked. I told him it was like a ferris wheel. He just had to see for himself.

St. Louis has these butterflies all over the place. They remind be of the bison or buffalo (whichever it is) that are scattered all over Oklahoma.

After The Arch, we headed to the Anheuser-Busch plant. (Can you guess who planned the trip home?)

Somebody's tour paid off with samples at the end!
 After one night at home, we packed up and headed to OKC for a 1st birthday party and wedding.

Then we visited Grandma and picked up our pooch. Luckily, Tobie's Grandpa was willing to skip church and meet us in Guthrie with her!
Got my girlfriend back!!!

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