Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mountain Goat

**orignally posted on 12/8/13 but it didn't post**

Here is little Kinley and her latest feat... Climbing onto the end table.
I mean, we didn't stop her because we wanted to see if she would figure it out and she did! Getting down?! That was a different story.

Since this, we have not let her climb onto the table.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


This post was originally started weeks ago but just now being finished.

I’m not na├»ve. I knew this day would come but hoped it never would. I’ve always known he was a funny, sweet guy but it was further confirmed when people that have known him for 2 days are ready to snag him up and take him home.

He’s my PaL. #1 blog reader and best grandpa a girl could ask for. He always had such funny, silly, crazy things to say. When I tell friends of his shenanigans, they say, “”Oh Pa!”

He loves my Nandy to no end. At 85, he would still move mountains for her. It really is precious. He calls his girlfriend and wants nothing for himself but all for her.

Lately, he loves talking about Kinley, the new house and baby boy. He loves to comment on how sweet Kinley is, how big she getting or how smart he thinks she is. Mainly, he just loves doting on her. It is sweet to see how his eyes light up at new pictures of her or seeing her on Skype. He is definitely “proud as a peacock” as he would say. Even though he never met Brother Bear, he loved asking about him. After asking how we were, and after hearing me say we felt good, he would always ask, “Are you lying to me?”

If he had the chance, he would chat to you about where you were from and where you were going. Don’t tell him something about yourself if you don’t want it repeated to at least 2 family members. I can’t tell you the entire scoop he gave me on his nurses in the last 6 weeks because every time I talked to him he knew something new about them. His silly sense of humor and quick wit had the nursing home staff like putty in his hands.

Today, Christmas day has a new feel to it. While it is a day to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus, I now can’t help but to be sad about losing my PaL. He definitely wouldn’t want us to be sad but it is a natural thing in life. Though I lost him here with me, I know he is still with me. He is so busy catching up with his kids and happy to be with them. He is happy to have a healthy heart, good working kidneys and no breathing treatments. Heck, he is probably running laps just because he can without getting tired or short of breath.

Though it has been trying, I feel so blessed to have been able to spend the last 6 weeks with him. Since moving him and Nandy closer, I have gotten to see them and take Kinley to see them almost every day. If Kinley were older, she would have a fat head because of all the sweet things he said to her. I hope I can convey to her how much he loved her. 

one of my favorite pictures
funny guy, even at 8 pounds, he was so timid to hold her but once he got her hands on her,
the humming and songs never stopped!

Before our house was actually complete, we had brought my grandparents to visit. Pa really wanted to check out the upstairs but decided he may not be able to make the stairs. Later, he said, "Next time, I am dragging my fat ass up those stairs to see the view off the balcony. I don't care if I have to roll back down." Needless to say because of weather, he was never able to visit again but now he has the ultimate view off of our balcony. 

My dear PaL,
You are loved by so many.... Family that is privileged to call you Pa,  friends that you met along the your 85 year journey of life, friends of family that heard great stories about you, and even the various people that cared for you and Nandy the last 6 weeks. You loved your girlfriend with all your heart and more. She knows you did everything for her. The love you showed Nandy was absolutely unconditional. I pray that everyone sees that kind of love in their relationship. You had a way with words.... sometimes so witty and funny, others so blunt and honest but always humorous.  Though your life wasn't the simplest walk, you enjoyed it. Your love to learn new things was endearing. After school, you would always ask, "Did you learn something new today?" If the answer was no, you'd ask, "Well, what the hell did you go for then?!?" I hope to learn, and teach, something new everyday to make it worth while, just like you. 

Take joy in being with your kids again! You will be greatly missed! Enjoy the view!
Your Pal

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Snowflake Part 2

Once we knew we were pregnant (and sharing the news with others), we wanted to give this little baby a nickname.

Do we call it Snowflake? I mean, this was used for Kinley so it may not seem as special to the second baby.

A Snowbunny? This would be cute because newborn pictures could have a little bunny hat since Kinley had a hat with snowflakes on it but it sounds kind of girly, what if it's a boy?

A Snowball? This could also be cute but only fitting if it is a boy because, well you know, girls don't have balls.

Wednesday, October 9th, we found out if this baby would be a boy or a girl. As our ultra dry sonogram lady is looking around and snapping her pictures she tells us that Baby’s legs are closed up, which isn’t too surprising because Kinley played hard to get too. She continues to take her measurements that the doctor needs when she stops, makes and circle and says, “Those would be testicles and that’s a penis. You’re having a boy.”

Woohoo! We're breaking the mold with our group of friends that tend to have two of the same baby. My only concern is that Hubby is used to saying things about his "girls" so that phrase I will have to change. He also commented about all the 'cool' things the new house has that will be a temptation to a little boy, such as stairs, a laundry chute, a deck. He asked if it was too late to cancel those. However, Miss Kinley can be quite the spit fire and may enjoy those things as much... If not more than.. A little boy.

I will say, as I took a peek at bedding options, I became discouraged. I don't want monkeys, jungle or sports and those are the main selection choices. :( Maybe I should quit my day job and design some more exciting baby boy nursery decor. There isn't anything really wrong with those designs but they aren't very colorful and I feel like I see that anytime there is a boy.

Next to come... growing baby pictures!