Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentine's Day

It is a little late but here is my Valentine's present:

How adorable is this rug?!?! I find myself barely stepping on it or over it completely. It is just too cute to step on! Hubby did good, all on his own!

Right now, I am trying to make it through the week. Those snow days really put a kink in my style. We also have started our 30 minutes extra. While it doesn't seem like a long time when the kids are there...those 20 minutes at the end of the day really eat into my cleaning up, preparing for the next day and decompressing time.

Two other girls and I are leaving Friday for a girls weekend in Dallas! Another friend is flying in from Kansas City too! We are all staying together as a send off before one moves to Australia for a year. I am SO excited for the 5 of us to get together. There is never a dull moment when we play! Be prepared for a plethora of silly pictures! I guess I should clean of my memory card!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back in the swing

Well, after 9 snow days in a row, I returned to school.

{That is as far as I got on February 17th. A little pathetic.}

Let's see, we have had days 96-102 since I was last in school. I don't remember specifics about each of those days so I will just highlight the things I do remember.

Day 96- Back to school. The kids were a little crazy. We wrote in our journals about our time in the snow. I spared the kids the picture of me, Tobie and our snow girl (although I think they would have enjoyed it!).

**To make up 6 snow days, it was voted to extend our school day by 30 minutes starting February 21st. That's right, we lost our President's Day but it beats losing all of spring break, which was an option. We will be going 10 extra minutes in the morning and 20 in the afternoon. Let me tell you, there isn't a whole lot I can get done in 10 minutes. Coming from a person who is not at all a morning person, why didn't we do all 30 minutes in the morning???

Day 97- Valentine's Day party. Woah. Whoever voted for Tuesday to be a party day should have done eveybody's party. We had an ice cream party. I am fortunate that kindergarten parents want to help provide for the party. I volunteered to buy the ice cream but everything else, chocolate and caramel syrup, waffle bowls, sprinkles, whipped cream, gummy bears, M &M's, etc, were all sent by parents. One of the kids brought a small gift sack for each of the classmates with little trinkets in it. The kids loved them! There were even these snazzy little self-inflating balloons in them. You shake them up and throw them on the ground where they blow themselves up!

Day 98- We became full fledged checker-outers at the library! We attended Library 101 taught by yours truly. I think I wanted to be the one teaching them since I know how they act when they are older. The friends have a reading log that they take home with the book. They will not check out a new book until an experienced reader fills out the reading log saying they read with the child.  I explained to them that they could ask our library assistant (LA) for help if they wanted a certain type of book (IE. cats, dinosaurs, princess, etc) so one of my friends patiently waits and says, "Where can I find a non-fiction book about nature?" The LA says, "What?" When I asked what was said she told me, so I looked at her and "That's the kind of kindergartners we are." For the most part, my friends know the difference between fiction and non-fiction. It was very cute how excited they were to choose their own books!

Day 99- We prepared for Day 100 by reading The Night Before the 100th Day of School.

Day 100- Oh how exciting! We did a rotation of centers that all had to do with counting to 100.

Day 101- TGIF!

Sunday, February 20th- I ventured up to the school with my pup to get ready for the week. I went at about noon and had to leave at 3 since I would be going to Stillwater for a meeting. I am busy as a bee working when I hear Tobie by the window scratching at something. She always watches out the window, so I assumed she saw a cat out there. I hear her scratching again so I go into the "kitchen." She just freezes and stares at me. Then she starts with a small whimper and tries to get behind a crate I have over there. When I start looking around she starts getting really excited. Her tail starts wagging while she is trying to dart behind things I move. That is when I knew she was on the hunt. We looked around but found nothing. By this time it was 2:55 so I walked back across the classroom to put my things away and shut down my computer when I saw something. EEEK! "Tobie! Get over here! It's over here. Get it girl!" and I move the tub out from under the table. "Get it! Get it!" She sniffs around, mind you, she is sniffing like her nose is on a red hot scent, then moves over behind my desk when I say, "It's over there! Get it girl!" Sniff, sniff, wag, wag, wag, sniff, sniff, freeze and stare. She stops. Staring at my big book shelf. I sense it is in there but don't know what to do. Do I dump the shelf over hoping it falls and can't get out or let Tobie wait it out and catch it. Next thing I know, it dashes out with Tobie right on it trail, me screeching right behind. Then I see it stumble to the ground, hop up and dart back to the "kitchen." At this point, I think Tobie had it's little tail (and maybe body) in her mouth which is why it stumbled to the ground. I call Hubby, "Guess what!?!?! YOUR DOG IS HOT ON THE TRAIL HUNTING (ahhhhh!! there it is!!! get it girl, get it!!!) A MOUSE IN MY CLASSROOM!!! GO TOBIE, GO!!" To which Hubby says, "Don't let her catch it!" Ummmm, that is totally the point of me cheering her on. Duh. Needless to say, it was now 3:30 and we HAD to leave. I needed to leave my house at 4:00 to get to Stillwater at 5. Tobie was disappointed and totally would have had that little sucker if she could have had a little bit longer. Good news--- we both got a little cardio out of the adventure- Tobie's was darting across the room, mine was screeching and following moving things away from the wall so she could hunt.

Day 102- Our custodian tells me if he will bring a real trap to my room, since his snakes will be waking from hibernation soon and will be hungry. SICK. Just get the mouse out of my room. So then, he brings in a trap with PB&J on it... while my kids are in there! We have a quick talk about Ralph S. Mouse hanging out in my room and discuss the danger of them getting near the trap if they happen to crawl under the computer table.

Happy President's Day! Today, we made a George or Abe and a 3 cornered hat. (Some pictures to follow...) We also watched a brief video about George and Abe. Afterwards, the kids felt sad that George was killed but were happy that Abe helped people to not have to work without getting paid. At least they got one part right. I had to remind them that George died from being old and Abe was killed because someone didn't like him. To which I got the response, "that's not very nice."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What day is it, anyways?

Today is Wednesday, February 9th. I have not been to worked at school since Monday, January 31st. That means I have not worked the whole month of February. I know, we are only 9 days in but I am also not going to work tomorrow, February 10th. AHHHHHH!

Round 2 of snow came in. I am tired of hearing the meteorologist and newscasters talk about the weather so I don't know what the official number is. It was enough to cover the ground that had managed to melt.

Good news though! Yesterday, Feb. 8th, Fancy and I busted out of the garage, driveway and neighborhood to do a little shopping. Target, Hobby Lobby and Mardel never felt so good! Since I had not showered, I went the intent of NOT seeing anyone I knew. Wrong. So I only saw one person but that is one too many for how I looked. :) I think Tobie was glad I left her at home. Every morning I feel her big browns looking at me saying, "Woman, you're not leaving?!?!" or "You again? ALL DAY? I need my me time!"

Today, Tobie and I went on a short journey around the neighborhood. She actually seemed to enjoy romping around in the snow. We went the whole way without her leash but due to the snow she mainly stayed in the ruts in the middle of the street with me. When we got home, we ventured out into the backyard. Some of the snow back there is still really deep from our first round of blizzard. I could stand on it, for a second, then the sleet from last night could not hold me any longer and I would sink about 7 inches.

Here are a few pictures to recap...
The little snow girl did not look so cute after a day in the sun

After 3 days in the sun :(
After 6 days in the sun our little snow girl got a fresh topping of snow to cover her

Playing in the backyard with her soccer ball

Friday, February 4, 2011

More?!?! No thanks. I'm good.

 Yes, it is true. We are getting more snow. Ugh. Right now it is coming down pretty steady. If anyone is counting, this is Snow Day #6 for the school year. We only had 5 built in, so we can add one more day to the end of year. If it keeps snowing, we might as well go year round. {I hope not!}

Hard to tell... but it really is snowing quite a bit in this picture

My little snow dog

She may or may not have been tossed in the snow... but she is a smart thing and found her way out by trudging through to my footprints!

See the little snow balls stuck in her hair?
After our little adventure, we took some time to un-thaw. Later, we went out and made something productive!
 A snow girl!
Ta Dah!
If you were concerned... no, I did not go out in the snow to get those items. I already had them stashed away.

This on is for my Pal! Thanks to him (and Stanley) I own this lovely wig. Now you can see that I have actually used it.

The snow had let up while we were building, but as Tobie keeps barking at the door and I go to check on our snowy friend to make sure she is still standing, I noticed it is snowing again.

I also found out that some teeny boppers broke into our school to vandalize it.  What a bunch of turds. From what I have heard it could be a couple thousand dollars worth of damage; hopefully they actually get in trouble and learn a lesson not just receive a slap on the wrist.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Still Snow'd Inn....

I am over the snow days. (Actually, I was over them before we had these.) We don't have any more built into the school calendar!

In the mean time, I have been working on grants to write. I am almost ready to post another one to Donors Choose. Our school district also does a grant program once a year. It is due April 1st. Before writing that one, I asked my principal, "If I were to write a grant, what grade should I write it for?" She told me, "The one you are in." I told her that I was going to hold her to that since I was going to try and get materials for that grade level.

Yesterday, I watched Cupcake Wars on Food Network. It made me want to bake cupcakes. So I did.

I also got my cute little owls ready for Valentine's Day!

Oh, and I won't be going to school tomorrow either. Here's to another day in PJ's!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Here are pictures from our 2011 Blizzard

Hubby trying to clean off the driveway a little

Tobie using 4 paw drive to get back to the patio after an adventure into the backyard

Out our side garage door

I ventured out into the ginormous snow drift

And then fell down

On our adventure to QT with Hubby

The gas meter in our backyard

Snowdrift by the driveway (Hubby sure did pack a lot of snow down)

In the snowdrift by the driveway

Front porch

Snow drift off the back patio

Trash trolly

Corner of the backyard

Snow pile on my patio table