Friday, February 4, 2011

More?!?! No thanks. I'm good.

 Yes, it is true. We are getting more snow. Ugh. Right now it is coming down pretty steady. If anyone is counting, this is Snow Day #6 for the school year. We only had 5 built in, so we can add one more day to the end of year. If it keeps snowing, we might as well go year round. {I hope not!}

Hard to tell... but it really is snowing quite a bit in this picture

My little snow dog

She may or may not have been tossed in the snow... but she is a smart thing and found her way out by trudging through to my footprints!

See the little snow balls stuck in her hair?
After our little adventure, we took some time to un-thaw. Later, we went out and made something productive!
 A snow girl!
Ta Dah!
If you were concerned... no, I did not go out in the snow to get those items. I already had them stashed away.

This on is for my Pal! Thanks to him (and Stanley) I own this lovely wig. Now you can see that I have actually used it.

The snow had let up while we were building, but as Tobie keeps barking at the door and I go to check on our snowy friend to make sure she is still standing, I noticed it is snowing again.

I also found out that some teeny boppers broke into our school to vandalize it.  What a bunch of turds. From what I have heard it could be a couple thousand dollars worth of damage; hopefully they actually get in trouble and learn a lesson not just receive a slap on the wrist.

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