Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What day is it, anyways?

Today is Wednesday, February 9th. I have not been to worked at school since Monday, January 31st. That means I have not worked the whole month of February. I know, we are only 9 days in but I am also not going to work tomorrow, February 10th. AHHHHHH!

Round 2 of snow came in. I am tired of hearing the meteorologist and newscasters talk about the weather so I don't know what the official number is. It was enough to cover the ground that had managed to melt.

Good news though! Yesterday, Feb. 8th, Fancy and I busted out of the garage, driveway and neighborhood to do a little shopping. Target, Hobby Lobby and Mardel never felt so good! Since I had not showered, I went the intent of NOT seeing anyone I knew. Wrong. So I only saw one person but that is one too many for how I looked. :) I think Tobie was glad I left her at home. Every morning I feel her big browns looking at me saying, "Woman, you're not leaving?!?!" or "You again? ALL DAY? I need my me time!"

Today, Tobie and I went on a short journey around the neighborhood. She actually seemed to enjoy romping around in the snow. We went the whole way without her leash but due to the snow she mainly stayed in the ruts in the middle of the street with me. When we got home, we ventured out into the backyard. Some of the snow back there is still really deep from our first round of blizzard. I could stand on it, for a second, then the sleet from last night could not hold me any longer and I would sink about 7 inches.

Here are a few pictures to recap...
The little snow girl did not look so cute after a day in the sun

After 3 days in the sun :(
After 6 days in the sun our little snow girl got a fresh topping of snow to cover her

Playing in the backyard with her soccer ball

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