Friday, July 18, 2014

2 Years

My Sweet Little Snowflake,
Though you no longer go by that nickname, you will always be my little Snowflake. It is hard to believe you are turning two! In your two short years, you have stolen the hearts of many. You are a smart, funny, independent, beautiful little girl. 

We celebrated your birthday on July 5 by having family and friends over finger foods, cake and ice cream. You loved ripping in to the presents you received. You took a minute to 'read' the card and then a minute or two to check out the gift before moving on. The original plan was to enjoy a neighbor's firework show in the backyard but he did them on the 4th so we just had fun doing smaller, kid friendly ones, which was just as fun. We spent the next week slowly playing with a different present every day. Some of the fun stuff you got included: stickers, craft supplies, pink Converse shoes, play jewelry, a couple outfits, Baby Alive (that had some medical things that we used to help prep for shots), a doctor kit, blocks, Play Doh, a little cheerleader doll, bows and barrettes, and I am sure there was more! 

You are a growing little lady. You wear a lot of 2T clothes but can still fit into 18 month apparel. Your shoes range from 5 to 6. You were recently given a pair of Croc like shoes that are purple, blue, pink and white tie dye... of course you love them since they don't coordinate with many outfits. I think part of the reason you like them so much is that you can put them on yourself! Each time, you say, "I did it!"  and throw you hands up in the air to celebrate. You have been in size 4 diapers for quite a while but just moved up to 5's. There have been a coule successful trips to the potty! It is something you talk about but haven't gotten the hang of yet, but that's okay. You've got plenty of time. You try any food we put in front of you. Your favorite seems to be a ham melt from Arby's. You like to eat frozen 'gapes' with your Daddy and love to ask for 'teddy brrrs' for a snack. 

Your two year well child visit was on July 11. You tipped the scales at 27.8 pounds putting you in the 64th percentile for weight. You are 2 feet 9 inches (33 inches) tall putting you in the 25th percentile. The nurses and doctors still doted on how cute you are and how they remember you coming in when you were 4 days old. You got the Hep A booster shot (after Mom kind of insisted that it could be given based on timing of the previous shot [hey, we were there and had been prepping and talking about getting a shot all week long!]). You did really well with it! The initial poke made you pouty and gave you a little cry but you were just fine after. I think the purple sucker helped take your mind off of it!

You are a precious big sister! You love your Baby Boo in such a sweet way. If he's crying, you run to his side to see if you can help him. You will pat his back and say, "It's okay, Wyatt." or "What's wrong Buddy?", pop a pacifier back in his mouth or if his bottle is nearby, try giving him that too. He is one of the first people you ask about when you wake up each morning. Sometimes you call him Baby Boo, Wyatt Boy (sounds like you are saying white boy), Brudder, Buddy or just Baby. You like to buckle him into his car seat and put his bottles in the sink when he is finished with them. On occasion, you will ask to hold him but when you are finished you just start shoving him off of your lap. We are working on saying, "I'm finished Wyatt" and waiting on Mommy or Daddy to take him off of you lap. Most recently when you ask to hold him, you immediately start shifting him after he is sat down on your lap. You are trying to turn him around to hold him up on your shoulder. When we help you turn him, you start patting his back and 'shhhh. shhh. shhh'-ing in his ear. It is the sweetest thing to see you love on him. I hope you always love him and remember he is your best friend.

You love to be outside. You like swinging and sliding or digging in the dirt. You have a small collection of rocks that you have found in the backyard that you store in Tobie's extra water dish on the patio. It seems like each time we are out there, you hunt for another and add it to the collection. You are pretty fearless when it comes to exploring the backyard or anywhere really. 

You love your Daddy to pieces (and he feels the same about you)! He is another person you ask about every morning when you wake up, "Where's Daddy?! Where's Peston?" You get so excited when you hear the garage door open everyday, "DADDY!!" Most days during school time, you and Daddy have breakfast together before school. He loves having Daddy nights with you and your brother! He tells you often that you are smart, beautiful or funny and that he will do anything for you. You have his patience, which is pretty minimal. You will try to do something on your own but get frustrated if you can't immediately get it figured out. Then you start whining until we remind you to try again or try to talk you through how do it. 

You have Mom characteristics too, even though she will try to pass them off as coming from your Daddy. You can have a sassy little attitude. Stating, so matter of factly, "No." to taking another bite, coming when called, putting toys away or giving a goodnight kiss. There is a stubborn, hard headed bone in your body and it drives your Mommy bonkers. She just takes a deep breath and remembers where that 'tude came from! If you don't want to to something you will flop yourself into a little puddle on the ground and pout about it. You will also fold yourself over like a pocket knife when you don't want to do something. You are such a precious little gift that it is easy to look passed your sassy behavior and help you learn a better way to react.

You enjoy school with Mrs. Jade, Mrs. Sunny and Ms. Rachel. When I get you out of the car each morning, you just start walking right up to the door, like you don't even need me anymore. It is such a bittersweet feeling. I love that you are independent enough to want to do it on your own and not get super sad about dropping you off but I still want my baby girl to hold my hand. Each day I pick you up, you run over saying, "Hi Mommy!" and I get half a hug before you turn around to run back to the playground or toys you were playing with. Again, bittersweet but so precious.

This summer you took swim lessons with Mommy. The first 3 of the 8 days, you were not totally certain. The fourth day you came to life in the water! You absolutely wore yourself out splashing, kicking and swimming your arms. The fifth day, Daddy came to watch. "Watch this Daddy!!!" or "Daddy watch me!" came out of your mouth the entire time. You were so proud to show off for your Daddy. 

Some of our favorite things you say are:
~ Is that myyynt? -You love to ask if something is yours. Your version of mine, myyynt, rhymes with pint. (I only put that because I don't ever want to forget how you said it. I know I should correct you every time but it is so cute.)
~Rocka baby or Rocka Wyatt -this is what you say when you want us to sing Rock a Bye Baby. On occasion, you can be heard singing on your own. It goes a little like this, "Rocka Baby, tee top, wind blows, Rocka baby"
~I want ABCD. -this is when we sing the alphabet. Occasionally, you sing this on your own too. It starts off "A B C D" then you hit or miss some letters in the middle "T V" hit or miss a few more before finishing off the song "Now I my ABC, ness time with me"
~Hold me Mommy. or I hold you Daddy. -sweetest face is looking up at us as you say this in a little puppy dog voice.
~straw-beret -I think this is the French word for strawberry? No? Well, maybe it is just your own French interpretation then.
~straw-beer-er -just another Kinley version of strawberry
~I want a paancak. -some days you are quite vocal about wanting a pancake for breakfast, or lunch, or  dinner, or whenever you think about it.
~I want Jesus. -you started saying this after I taught you Jesus Loves Me on the way home from school. It works every time. I mean, how can I say no to Jesus? If you sing it on your own when you think no one is paying attention, it goes "Jesus smee. Bible. Jesus smee."
~Coooat-nee or Matsee -the names of my teacher friends that you ask for several times a week. You will even talk about their chairs, that they sat in one time when visiting us in April. You haven't forgotten where they sat.
~Reeeeeaach! -you will say this when you really are having to reach or even if you are just handing us something. Sometimes you even reeeeeeeeach from clear across the room.
~Take my temper-er! -you love to use the thermometer and take people's temperature. For the few times that we did use it, you surprisingly know it is supposed to be swiped across the forehead when it is used.
~'smee Tobie -Kinley talk for "excuse me Tobie" you at 'smee others too but Tobie is mainly the one you are trying to run over with your shopping cart or walk on top of.
~I want Mommy to pump it out. You will say this when Mommy is making milk for Wyatt. You love to try to help by handing me things too.
~Nnnnnno! Tobie! -you really wind up the N of no before making a swatting action at her. 
~I got me! -this is said when we are chasing around in the house, instead of 'you got me!'
~Hi Mom. -at times you will just call out to Mom or Dad from your seat at the table and you just sound so big, too big. Or you will follow us around, sounding like the seagulls from Finding Nemo, "Mom. Mom. Mom. Dad. Dad. Dad." Like a broken record but I'd listen to it all day. ~Animal impressions include: dog, cat, cow (probably your favorite impression to make, 'mmmmoooooo' really winding up the m), pig, horse, monkey, elephant (complete with hand raising trunk motion); lion, tiger, bear, and dinosaur all have the same 'RAR!' that also have a quick claw like motion with them; fish -we're working on getting the puckered lips but it is mostly just moving your little mouth like a fish; rabbit, frog, donkey, duck, goose and bird.

Kinley Binley,
You are loved to no end. I hope that you always remember how loved you are, no one can take that away from you! Always know that there isn't a mountain Mommy and Daddy won't help you move. You can do anything you set your mind to. Though your sassy attitude and hard head drive me bonkers now, I hope you carry them with you the rest of your life so people know that Kinley Snow means business. I am so blessed to be your Mommy!

You are all because two people fell in love.

I'm always here sweet girl,