Sunday, January 4, 2015

7, 8 and 9 months

This started as a 7 month post but as the days just fell off of the calendar... it is ending up a post about 3 different months. Mom fail.

On Monday, October 6th, my sweet little guy turned 7 months old. As Brother gets older, the time time seems to go by faster.

On the first, you bumped up to wearing a size three diaper. This also means we are getting to the last of the diaper shower diapers. Thanks to my school friends, we didn't have to buy too many diapers since you were born. 7 months is a long time! In other clothes, you are wearing six month shirts and pants that range from 3-6 months. Pants have always seemed so big for the size the tag says, like when you are comfortably wearing newborn pants at three months old.

In the food department, you have tried all of your vegetables. You prefer the green ones but after lots of coaxing, you will eat the orange ones. You love to gobble up your cereal! You will even grab the spoon and help put it in your mouth. 

Sleep wise you do pretty good. You sleep best after a bowl of cereal and bottle of milk. If we skip on the cereal, you tend to wake up around 3 am.

During Fall Break, you had your first dose of your flu shot. You and Kinley did pretty well. {we returned over Thanksgiving break for the second half.. you took it like a champ! Nurse Kelly started to say "really?!" like "really? he isn't going to cry?" but then you let out a little peep and that was all. Kinley stood to the side telling you "It's okay Wyatt Boy."} At this appointment, I stuck you on the scale on the way out. 7.6 kg= 16.75 pounds!

On November 1st, just shy of 8 months old, I spent my first night away from you. I ventured off to Austin with Tiffany, Courtney and Flat Erin to attend Missy's wedding. The girls and I had a lovely time and you and Kinley seemed to survive the night with Dad. :) After I returned, I learned that you had fallen out of the glider and Kinley toppled over with a bar stool. See if I leave you guys again!

Look at those two teeth!

Dad has started putting you in 9 month clothes, mainly jammies, and I am none too happy about it. It just means that my little guy is growing up and I just would like to keep you small forever! You are still in size three diapers.

You eat any baby food that we give you. Rice cereal seems to be your favorite though. You also ventured in to a few soft big people foods. Like the time I found out Dad was sneaking you macaroni while I was out for bunco or girl's night. :) You also tried some Thanksgiving food with me.

When you left your teachers before Thanksgiving break you were a sitter. When you returned after a week at home, you were a mover! Your crawl isn't typical. You move all hands and feet but instead of crawling on both of your knees, you crawl on one and then use your other foot to push off with.

December was a busy month! We had places to go and people to meet... mainly Santa. To say you were not a fan is an understatement.

December 6th you were 9 months old... where is the time going?!?!
Your 9 month check up was on the 22nd of December. You weighed in at 17 pounds and were 27 inches tall (according to the doctor's office but Dad thinks you are taller than that). Dr. M. said that based on the typical kid your age, you are small but she still thinks you look good and are growing nicely. Your sister was small too so she isn't worried about you. You lucked out and didn't have to get any shots either!

You are still wearing size three diapers and your clothes range from 6 months to 12 months (which I really don't like the sound of). Over the Christmas break, you have been eating food more often (and by food I mean baby food) and having a bottle in the morning and a big 9 oz bottle at night. You are a super sleeper, only waking occasionally when you miss me at night. You nap twice a day and some days need a quick early evening power nap.

Your ongoing trick is your alligator roll. You tend to just toss your whole self into a roll and that is why we call it the alligator roll. We can be holding you, you can be laying on the floor or on your changing pad (which is the second most dangerous to being held).

For your first Christmas, Santa brought you a car hauler but you loved the puffs in your stocking the best. You spent the day at home with us, Nandy, Grandpa O and Grandma and Grandpa Snow. Opening presents did not prove to be very exciting to you until we opened up the puffs to eat. We had lunch with our family and then young and old took naps all over the house.

You worked hard and your two front teeth poked through for Christmas.... only 3 and 4 days late. They seem to make you a little fussy but nothing we can't handle with a little Tylenol and an animal. You experienced your first snow on the 27th. It was also late for Christmas.

When you return back to your teachers after Christmas break, you will be a puller-upper! I was getting ready on the 29th, I literally turned around for a second and then back to see you had pulled yourself up on the tub and turned the water on!

these were a gift from our friend Heidi
(thanks, Robin!)
My sweet Brother Bear time is going too fast! You light up a room with your blue eyes and then charm the pants off of it with your smile. I can't wait to see what you do in the world. 

Always remember that you are all because two people fell in love,

{whew. just in time to start the 10 month update!}

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Another Day, Another Memory

In preparation for a new phone, I spent some time trying to make sure a few of the videos on my phone were saved elsewhere. I'm not one to commemorate 'deathaversaries' but after 373 days, there still isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of my Pa. It is heart breaking when Kinley says, "I want to see Pa." but I want to make sure there is always a place that she can hear his sweet voice singing silly songs to her.

I've said it before but I could say it a million times (and I just might, it's my blog) but Pa thought Kinley was so smart. At 17 months old, he could see it. If he could see her in person now, she would blow his mind! And little Wyatt, he would absolutely love your sweet smile and blue eyes.

Today would also be my Grandma's 94th birthday. She was a sassy gal that would have enjoyed Kinley's spunk and Wyatt's smile and blue eyes. She was known to comment on how handsome men were, mainly her crush Bill Clinton (back in his Presidential days) and Elvis. 

There is such irony to getting old. Obviously, you want to see your kids grow up and do stuff but then there is the ineveitable. What makes little old people with their great grandkids seem so precious? Why can't we be like the Bible times people and live until we are 150? When you think about it, is any amount ever enough time with your family? 

To end on a high note.....
May this sweet thing, in all her high pitch singing glory, bring a smile to your heart, especially when Jesus loves Mommy, Daddy, Wyatt and Tobie too!

And this cutie reminds us to laugh at the silly things, especially our sister!