Saturday, January 3, 2015

Another Day, Another Memory

In preparation for a new phone, I spent some time trying to make sure a few of the videos on my phone were saved elsewhere. I'm not one to commemorate 'deathaversaries' but after 373 days, there still isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of my Pa. It is heart breaking when Kinley says, "I want to see Pa." but I want to make sure there is always a place that she can hear his sweet voice singing silly songs to her.

I've said it before but I could say it a million times (and I just might, it's my blog) but Pa thought Kinley was so smart. At 17 months old, he could see it. If he could see her in person now, she would blow his mind! And little Wyatt, he would absolutely love your sweet smile and blue eyes.

Today would also be my Grandma's 94th birthday. She was a sassy gal that would have enjoyed Kinley's spunk and Wyatt's smile and blue eyes. She was known to comment on how handsome men were, mainly her crush Bill Clinton (back in his Presidential days) and Elvis. 

There is such irony to getting old. Obviously, you want to see your kids grow up and do stuff but then there is the ineveitable. What makes little old people with their great grandkids seem so precious? Why can't we be like the Bible times people and live until we are 150? When you think about it, is any amount ever enough time with your family? 

To end on a high note.....
May this sweet thing, in all her high pitch singing glory, bring a smile to your heart, especially when Jesus loves Mommy, Daddy, Wyatt and Tobie too!

And this cutie reminds us to laugh at the silly things, especially our sister!

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