Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Snowflake Part 2

Once we knew we were pregnant (and sharing the news with others), we wanted to give this little baby a nickname.

Do we call it Snowflake? I mean, this was used for Kinley so it may not seem as special to the second baby.

A Snowbunny? This would be cute because newborn pictures could have a little bunny hat since Kinley had a hat with snowflakes on it but it sounds kind of girly, what if it's a boy?

A Snowball? This could also be cute but only fitting if it is a boy because, well you know, girls don't have balls.

Wednesday, October 9th, we found out if this baby would be a boy or a girl. As our ultra dry sonogram lady is looking around and snapping her pictures she tells us that Baby’s legs are closed up, which isn’t too surprising because Kinley played hard to get too. She continues to take her measurements that the doctor needs when she stops, makes and circle and says, “Those would be testicles and that’s a penis. You’re having a boy.”

Woohoo! We're breaking the mold with our group of friends that tend to have two of the same baby. My only concern is that Hubby is used to saying things about his "girls" so that phrase I will have to change. He also commented about all the 'cool' things the new house has that will be a temptation to a little boy, such as stairs, a laundry chute, a deck. He asked if it was too late to cancel those. However, Miss Kinley can be quite the spit fire and may enjoy those things as much... If not more than.. A little boy.

I will say, as I took a peek at bedding options, I became discouraged. I don't want monkeys, jungle or sports and those are the main selection choices. :( Maybe I should quit my day job and design some more exciting baby boy nursery decor. There isn't anything really wrong with those designs but they aren't very colorful and I feel like I see that anytime there is a boy.

Next to come... growing baby pictures!

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