Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Days 126-128

I know I have left spring break part 2 hanging in the rafters but there are lots of pictures to upload and a sleepy girl on your hands. This will have to do you for now, Pal!

Day 126- Friday, April 1- My kids were trying to pull April Fool's jokes on each other all day. Many of them did not like being tricked. One child approached me saying, "Your mom called and you are in trouble." Really? I think you are the one in trouble if my mom is calling you. I just said, "OK." and walked off.

Today, we journaled about spring. They were given the prompt, "I like spring because..." Many of my friends like spring because flowers start to grow and animal hatch. But there was only one, "I like spring because cars come out and go on vacation in Hawaii." 

Caterpillars on Day 3 at school

Hard to tell but these adorable basset hound puppies visited my class on Friday. Puppy breath and all!

Sunday, I went to school to get ready for the week. As I was working on my computer, I kept seeing these guys, out of the corner of my eye, wiggling around. I am fascinated by watching these grow!

Day 5: Can you believe how much they have grown?!?
Day 127- Just as the caterpillar excitement is wearing off, we will be gearing up for some more excitement... CHICKS! We are supposed to be receiving eggs at the end of the week. Last year, I was fascinated with seeing them and the baby chicks. Don't get me wrong, I was excited, but do I really want to have to deal with the mess? I do, but I don't.

Oooh, I have been using the supplies I received from my second Donors Choose grant. It was all about science. Any ways, the kids love the materials! I also got really excited when I went to use them and found they were cooler than I even knew! I am very lucky to have had such wonderful donors support the project so that my kids are able to use them this year. I have also turned in a grant for literacy items to our district group. I will find out June 1st if I received funding for it! Cross your fingers and say your prayers!

Day 128-
Day 7: Still growing!

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