Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 129-130

My 100th post!!! And nothing too exciting to write about.  Bummer.

Today our school had a run to raise money for a 13 year old who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. His dad is a principal in the district and his mother is a 5th grade teacher. The younger brother did not travel to Memphis, Tennessee, when the others took off for St. Jude's.

From what I read on their blog and hear through the grapevine, they have an amazing faith. Their faith may rival that of a lady I once knew. I call her Mom. Though I was young, I remember how dedicated she was to her God. Because of her, I knew I was left in good hands.

Back to the run... the kids really enjoyed doing and it was nice to get to hang with some of my little kids that donated money for the cause. Here is a group picture before the one mile run.

Off to bed! Good news... tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!

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