Monday, April 25, 2011


I am so far behind, I don't know if I can catch up! I guess I will just cover the highlights:

We went to Stillwater for the Spring Football Game on Saturday, April 16th. It was a good time but got even better when I took Spencer to go potty. I ran into Zac Robinson! I then asked him if he would mind going to meet a huge fan of his. He kindly walked over with me. I felt bad afterwards because it caused a scene, you know, being an OSU celebrity. His appearance sure did make a happy camper out of Terri!

Isn't he pretty?! :)

Here are the eggs in the incubator. Exciting, huh?!

Our butterflies have started hatching! The first one came on Tuesday, April 19

The red is not blood. It is the extra color that comes off of the wet wings.
Then there were 2! (There were 4 when I last left school, but I doubt I can get a picture of all four together...)


A friend brought these to share. They looked so cute and smelled yummy but I couldn't have one since I gave up candy for lent.

Another pretty butterfly

During the week of Earth Day, we talked about it in class. There are several cute books that help kids understand what it means to "Go Green." One of the favorites we read was

In this book, Fancy Nancy teaches them tips to going green, like: "Less than a mile, bike in style" or "Get clean, but stay green" (referring to taking short showers).

After duty on Friday, one of my students was "catching the litterbug on the playground." He was picking up trash on our way into the building to wait for his ride. He was so proud of himself too!

Saturday, April 23rd, we ventured to Enid to celebrate Pa and Hubby's birthday. It was lovely to hang out with the family and celebrate two of the special men in my life.

Pa has a bag of treats in hand. I didn't know if he would actually make it back to his chair without getting pounced on. :)

Easter Sunday has been nothing but rain. Yes, we need it but ALL day? It did make for a good excuse to not get out of my jammies. (Yes, we were naughty kittens and didn't get up for church.)

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