Monday, November 7, 2011


Since when did Oklahoma start having earthquakes? I am sure there have been many but I never knew of them or felt one before. I have now felt two of them!

Friday night, I was up late (as usual) working on some Pistol Pete bows. Hubby had long gone to bed when I heard a rumble and some shaking. The rumble sounded as if the wind had shifted and picked up. It was the weirded feeling to be sitting on the floor and feel a little shake. I honestly thought I had momentarily gone crazy. I looked outside but couldn't tell if it was windy, nor would I have known if the wind had changed direction. So I went to the next best thing, the internet. I didn't find anything but I guess since it had just happened there hadn't been time to post anything. I carried on with my bows and then went to bed forgetting all about it.

I got up Saturday morning, finished my bows and made my desserts for Hubby to take tailgating. I was staying behind to go to wedding for one of my co-workers.

After the wedding, I went Stillwater for the OSU v. KState game. When I was getting ready to leave, I was thinking how tired I was, how I was starting to feel under the weather, how late it would be when I had to drive myself back home... and many more. I almost opted to stay home, snuggle up with Tobie on the couch and watch the game BUT then I decided it would be a big waste of a ticket and I really did want to see the game in person. Boy was I glad I went! It was a good game!

Before we leave the stadium, I always go to the bathroom because I don't want to use the porta potty that has been used all day near our tailgate. While I was going potty, I felt shaking and heard some rattling of the doors. My first thought was that maybe people were running around in the stands, even though I knew there weren't a whole lot of people left up there. When I was washing my hands another lady commented about feeling it too. She asked if it was another earthquake. So I'm not crazy!

When I got out of the bathroom, I remembered to tell Hubby about the one I felt the night before and the one I just felt while on the toilet. It was all the talk when we returned to the tailgate. Apparently, it was 5.6 on the richter scale!

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