Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Number 2!

A little bit random but exciting!

As long as I can remember, I have been an OSU Cowboy fan. Growing up, I never knew how 'hard' it was to be a Cowby fan. In college, I learned there were ups and downs to being a Cowboy fan. The football team was mediocre at best and the basketball team went to the Final Four during my college career.

When I attended games during college, I never left before they were over. Okay, you caught me, I clearly remember leaving the 2004 Homecoming football game, but I had a valid reason... Hubby and I's fraternity and sorority had just won the homecoming house dec contest. This was a big deal because Hubby and his 2 buddies designed and brought to life the theme.

Look how HAPPY and tired these boys are!!

I digress.... back to the matter at hand... Our football team is Number 2 in the BCS polls! {I don't know what BCS means but I know it is good!} It's exciting to know that with hard work and dedication good things come! You know, because I work hard on the field... but as always, I am excited to be an Oklahoma State Cowboys fan! Go Pokes!

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