Sunday, December 11, 2011

A new post was asked for...

I have been reminded on more than one occasion that I have not blogged since November 21st. Pa kept trying to tell me it was October but I knew I had posted about my principal kissing the pig so I knew he was acting senile. :)

Without further ado, here is another installment of Crazy Stuff My Pa says…..

“They say the average release of gas is 14 times a day. I don’t believe it, mine is about 28 times.” –this was said on Thanksgiving day. No telling what we were talking about

“I keep seeing ads for male enhancement pills and telling Nan I should try them. She keeps asking who I’m going to use it on.”

And last but not least, there is nothing like hearing your 83 year-old Grandpa call someone a slut! It was priceless.

Hubby has now gotten onto Pa’s list… yesterday, he told Pa he would email him some pictures of the new plant his company is building. Today, Pa promptly told him, via Skype, that “I didn’t get any picture emails from you.” BUSTED!

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