Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#1 Stunna

everyone says they have the best husband around so why shouldn't I?! 

during this moving process, he has made it clear that his number one priority is his little family. he took off of work so he could pack, unpack and put away our things during the day and hang with his family at night. once Kinley and I got home from school, his moving stopped until Kinley went to bed. he made sure that Kinley had a bed to sleep in and a place to change her pants before she got home. basically what I'm saying is that he took care of Kinley first and Tobie and I just happened to have our bed to sleep in too. 

i feel so blessed to have him as my Boo.

{I wrote this right as we were in the process of moving (december 2013)... along with blogging in general, it got lost in the shuffle of this crazy thing called life. And sorry 'bout all you others out there that think you have the best Boo... :) }

One Month

{this sock monkey was your first stuffed animal. it came from Aunt Mary and Uncle Ken, your great aunt and uncle}

It’s hard to believe it’s already been one month. As most people say, ”it seems like yesterday” that you were born. Time really has gone quickly since your arrival.

Dad took off for a week when you were born. Being that I was sick on top of just having a baby, he had his work cut out for him as far as nursing us back to healthy. But... You can rest assured that he did just that. In case I haven't told you, you have Super Dad for a Dad. He was on top of medicine, refilling my cup to keep me hydrated, making sure Kinley and I got to eat, diaper changes, plenty of snuggling for you and Kinley, taking Kinley to school, hanging with us during nighttime feeds, entertaining Kinley so you and I had time to snuggle and rest together and so much more! You Dad does an excellent job taking care of his family. Even after he went back it work, he would wake up with you so I could get rest and recover. He loves snuggling you up in his arms in the corner of the sofa mobile and would sleep there forever with you if he needed to.

We attempted pictures on day 7. You were fine after peeing and pooping on us when we tried to put you in the dump truck. We didn't get a dump truck shot but you cooperated other times. It was your sister that didn't cooperate so family pictures will come later. 

our little Brother Bear!
We jumped back into the saddle a lot sooner with you... Your first trip to church was when you were 10 days old! 

At one week old, you weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces. At 3 weeks, you weighed 8 pounds 5.5 ounces so we were continuing to fatten you up one day at a time. You have 4 ounces every 3-4 hours. After about three weeks, we went to giving you breast milk from a bottle. This allows Dad to help feed and we know how much you are eating. You are still getting plenty of Mom snuggles though!

I don't think we truly know how tall you are because of the terrible measuring system at the doctor's office. I'd say you are getting taller though.

You are wearing size one diapers and newborn clothes, which are hard to come by for little boys! Well any clothes really. I tell you what, I never paid attention to how one sided stores are but there is not a whole lot to offer for sweet little boys.

During your first month, we spent time adjusting as a family. Many of our friends and family helped make the adjustment easier by bringing us dinners. You, of course, made the adjustment pretty easy, like you had always been here.