Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Rundown!

One would think that with all of my summer time, I would have plenty of time to blog. Just ask Pa, he will let you know that I have not kept up. :)

I have felt pretty busy but also felt like I haven't done much at all. Does that make sense?
  • The week after school was out, I helped at VBS. Since my regular job is being a teacher, I was just a 'helper'. A helper that was in charge of the group. I was lucky to have a couple boys that were pretty good with the kids!
  • For Father's Day, we had a cookout with our family. A little sad I didn't even take any pictures. It was a lovely time though, once they got the grill going...
  • The 3rd week of June, I subbed for 4 days at summer school. There were 9 kids in my class but I don't think I ever saw all of them at the same time. It was so nice to have such a small group. I was able to sit and work with them and there weren't any behavior issues. If only every day of school could be like summer school!
  • We also saw our Ohio friends! They were in town for a baby shower since they are expecting. It was great to get together with many of our college friends. While the girls were at the shower the boys went for a quick, 6.5 hour round of golf.
  • The last week of June, I went to 3 days of Phase 2 Literacy First training (meaning it was part 2. I attended part 1 several years ago). I had always heard that Phase 2 was SO much better because you got more ideas for literacy centers. Well, this one was not. I felt like I got lots of Phase 1 refresher and a couple new ideas.
Can you believe that was my June? In a nutshell. Oh! I skipped something! The first Tuesday of June, I took Tobie for a walk. The short version is- she was attacked by another dog! I was so mad at that dog, I may have kicked it. BUT, don't mess with my little girl! We were just minding our business on our leash when it happened. It was so sad because she was yelping, loudly, and I was yelling at the dog, loudly, and I just wanted to get her out of there. I had to jerk her up by her harness and as the dog was still trying to get her, it scratched me! I think that is when the kick came in. Oops. NOT! Animal control was called the next day just because I wanted to make sure that dog was current on its shots. Guess what? It wasn't. Go figure. So, I took Tobie to the vet. They shaved her hair and gave her an antibiotic to take for 10 days. She is fine now but we (I) am very on edge when we head out for walks.
I attached this to the letter I left on the owner's door. A neighbor saw it go down and told me where the dog lived.

Oh, poor little girl! I think it hurt me more than it hurt her!!

July was a slower month.
  • One of my teacher friends got married. She and her man were adorable together. They were both so excited to get married. It was very sweet. Another teacher friend and I helped set up the reception place, which is when we found out there were bats! Not like sporting ones but flying rodents. Fruit bats that were NOT invited. The building was putting on a new roof and disturbed them in the attic (if you knew they were there, wouldn't you get them out regardless of a new roof???). Her mom went to talk the person in charge Friday afternoon about the issue and the lady was not very nice saying they wouldn't get any money back it was just out of their hands and the 'they haven't ruined anything.' UM, they are nasty flying rodents, though they are a little bit cute. Well, the lady had a totally different perspective Saturday morning when there was bat poop on a table and they had already caught 7 by 9:30a.m. They had also caught like 25 on Friday. It was crazy. 3 hours before the wedding the lady was wanting to move it but it just wasn't going to happen. So we were doing the cupid shuffle when all of a sudden a bat came flying out! There ended up being 5 flyers at the reception!!! Which led to people leaving. They will also be getting their money back for the place. I would be throwing a huge fit and demanding more than that back. It's a good thing I was not the bride that day.

We tied all of their centerpiece balloons to their car! :)
  • I hosted Bunco, which is always a good time.
  • On July 17th, I saw NKOTBSB!!! Don't know who that is? New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) and Backstreet Boys(BSB)!!! Both very popular boybands when I was a kid. (During some Fridays in June and July, a friend from church and I were trying to win tickets. God bless our honies because they went with us to try and win.) We didn't technically win but stumbled onto some tickets. We were in the nose bleed section but had lots of fun anyways!!!
Us trying to win tickets. All you had to do was show up and put your name in the box but someone, who may have spare time on their hands during the summer, may have made shirts. I'm not going to mention any names.
Really bad judgement on self photo skills. A GREAT time was still had!
  • We attended some festivities of our 10 year high school reunion. I am very glad we did not use our 80 bucks to go the dinner/dance. We opted for a low key dinner with our my girl friends that we still talk to! Later in the evening, we met up with Hubby's friends. Everyone that attended the other described it as "awkward". No thanks. :) [again, I took no pictures. sad day.]
  • I finally got out my Christmas present! A new pillow case it is!

Excuse the scare factor, something about being summer that sometimes makes a person not want to shower. :)

Hubby and puppy testing out the finished project
 Until next time, which will probably be in 3 weeks. Can you believe school will be starting up again?!?! 

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