Sunday, November 11, 2012

3 Months

Oh my goodness, little girl. How can it be that you are 3 months old {and that you are closer to being 4 months old and I am just now getting around to finishing writing/posting this?!?!?!}?!

In the last month, you have grown and changed so much! There are no official stats since you don't go back to the doctor until your 4 month check up. 

You are eating 4 ounces every 2-3 hours. At night, you sleep like it's what you were born to do! We put you down around 11:30-midnight and you sleep until we wake you. Since I am still at home with you, your wake up time is around 9. Speaking of sleeping, you are still sleeping in the bassinet on Dad's side of the bed. I secretly (no, I know) think he likes you there because he can reach in and put your pacifier back in your mouth to get a little more sleep.You still are not much of a napper during the day unless you are being held, which I don't mind doing!

You are standing  up more and more. You look like such a big girl when you do it!

You have found what you seem to think are the coolest toys... Your hands! You are always looking at them and trying to get your whole fist in your mouth.

We took you to your first Tulsa State Fair on Tuesday, October 2nd. We had fried pickles, deep fried beer battered bacon, fried Kool-Aid and chocolate dipped cheese cake on a stick.Since we were full and because it came in a cute little chinese take out looking box, we took some chocolate covered bacon home with us. 

this is how you spent most of your time at the fair..

chocolate dipped bacon

eyes for the deep fried beer battered bacon

deep fried Kool-Aid
(basically it was fried Kool-Aid flavored cake)
chocolate dipped cheesecake with sprinkles on a stick
we even ventured through the pigs...

... and goats wearing coats

Kinley and the Tulsa State Fair sign

family picture under the Tulsa State Fair sign

Thursday, October 11th, we were called to Enid by Pa. He needed to be treated for pneumonia at the hospital so we spent our first nights without Dad and Tobie while staying with Nandy. We managed to survive. When I put her in the Pack-n-Play, she was east/west. When I woke up the next morning, she had turned north/south in her sleep.

We skyped for an hour every night {which your Dad has never talked to me on the that long...}

family skype session
During this stay, you were able to spend a lot of time with Nandy and Grandpa O. 
talking with Nandy

snoozing with Grandpa O
The first time I left you home with those two to go visit Pa at the hospital, Grandpa O called me and said, ” Is there anymore milk? She's acting... thirsty.” I laughed and said, "I think hungry is the word you are looking for and yes, the milk is in the fridge." I proceeded to tell him how to warm it up in a cup of hot water. He assured me he could do that and that I didn't need come... right away. "We'll try this." he told me. After hanging up with him, Pa kept saying, "Go home. Your baby is crying. She needs you." I told him I thought Grandpa O could handle it and that he hadn't called back frantically so they must be okay. And you were!

you had a blowout on Nandy's lap
can you tell what Grandpa O likes to do with you???
we even stopped to see Pa on the way out of town
"Poppins LeFlore" came over to watch you for a few hours while I went to Parent/Teacher conferences. Wednesday, October 17th was your first day with Miss Ruth (or as I call her, Baby Ruth). We had planned to drop you off together but timing was an issue so Dad had that dreadful job. He did survive... barely. 

heading home from my first day with Baby Ruth
You were on your third outfit by the time I picked you up. She seemed concerned that your poop was so runny but I assured her that my breastfed baby always has poop like that. :) 

That night, we took you for a swing test run at the park. By the time got there it was dark but you know we took pictures anyways.

Until next month, which is only a week away!

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