Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just a little love

This day (technically yesterday, December 4th) marked 14 years of togetherness for the Hubby and I. That is darn near half of my life with him!

While he was giving Kinley a bath tonight, I couldn't help but smile that he is all mine.

Why you might ask?
  • Because of the songs he sings to Kinley. {keep in mind he thought Pa was crazy singing to her yet he was just as entertaining!}
  • Because of how he loves to spend time with his girls.
  • Because of how he loves Tobie as if she were a human.
  • Because even though I am the third in line to his lovin', I still feel taken care of.
  • Because of how he talks to Kinley and Tobie as if they totally understand him.
There are plenty more reasons but I don't want to make anyone sick over the cuteness or take away any of his masculinity. Just keep in mind that in 30 years when Kinley is allowed to date... the boys better bring their A+++++ game because she will have high standards based on how her Daddy already treats her.

1 comment:

  1. Precious. Congrats on many years with a special man. Makes me look forward to when the Coatneys make a baby. A million years from now. ;o)