Wednesday, May 29, 2013

9 and 10 months

How can 9 months already have gone by?!? People have always said that time goes by so fast and it does!

Your nine month check up was on April 26th. It was a Daddy/daughter date to the doctor and they both survived the shot too!
You weighed 14.75lbs and were 26.5 inches tall, which puts you in the .72 percentile for weight and 6.57 percentile for height. Little skinny Minnie must get her twiggy-ness from her Dad. The doctor said she is growing good!

We are still rocking the size 2 diapers and six month clothing.

You do not show much interest in learning to crawl. When put on your belly, you get mad and rollover to your back. Then you look to someone for help to sit up. You like to sit up! I feel like you could do it for days. You also love to stand up though! You haven't quite discovered pulling up on things other than our hands but I don't feel like that is too far behind. You have a little walker that we stand you at to practice that I feel like you are going to take off on soon too!

Well, since I have dropped the ball on posting the 9 month update... we will just move on to 10 months!

You love to be behind your walker! Now if we can just teach you how to turn it around when you get to the tile. You are a pro at standing yourself up at it. It is amazing how you know if you are too close to it and need to scoot it forward or too far away to reach the handle. You have really started enjoying the noises it makes too. You like to reach around to press the little sun as you walk behind it. You love, I mean l.o.v.e!, to open and close the barn door. "Let's play hide and seek." And before it can finish saying that you have already slammed it back shut.

We still don't have a crawler. You scoot your self around so much that Tobie is constantly relocating to avoid the loving tugs in her hair. After a few moves, she will forfeit and go to the 'lake house' and hide under the bed. Tobie has also not take our "watch out Tobie! She'll run you over." warnings before getting goosed with the walker.

Food wise, we are very adventurous. Well adventurous in what is in our menu. You have had mashed potatoes, pancake, various flavors of yogurt, bites of Hamburger Helper, cheese, bread, tortilla and queso at Ted's, chicken, broccoli, corn, banana, and more. If we eat you, you will try it. You are down to a bottle in the morning and one at night. You love to drink water out of your cup. You always sign milk when we get it, or a bottle, out. We are slowly learning 'more' too.

You are still a champion sleeper. Occasionally, you wake up at night and cry a minute but can find your pacifier and head back to dream land. May 24th, I woke up and looked at the monitor to find you sitting up in your crib. We lowered your crib all the way to the bottom that night. You had just started figuring out how to sit yourself up and I mentioned that we needed to lower it before you figured it out. You beat us to it though!

We are officially on summer break! We spend time every day pulling the little baskets of remotes off the end table, looking through the Hallmark Dreambook or Parents magazine, banging on the coffee table, walking the room and pulling up and standing at the coffee and end table. As soon as you notice I have put the remotes back, you scoot over there and pull it off again. Now that we are home all day, we tend practice, "no!" with Tobie's food dish.We also say "be gentle" A LOT. I can't imagine why your sister doesn't just love you grabbing a chuck of her fur and pulling.

One day, you stayed with a teacher friend while I went to the dentist. She said about 10 minutes after I left, you looked around and then said, "mama" before getting all weepy. I think you were easily distracted and you survived the whole ordeal, just as I survived the trip to the dentist on my own. May 26th was your first trip to the nursery during Sunday School. They said when you noticed we were gone you again said, 'mama'. And the got a little weepy. But, you lasted the whole time, you big girl. :) {I would like to note that you say mama a lot more than dada, even though Baby Ruth was working on the dada word.}

I think on a daily basis, we say, 'so, what do you want to do for Kinley's birthday?' but that is as far as we have gotten. I can't believe you are almost a one! It has been a very blessed year as your mama and I think God daily for that. You truly are the light of our lives and loved so very much!


  1. Really a wonderful report on Kinley and we a so proud of you three guys we just bubble inside, sorry I forgot Tobie but you understand Tobie is only our step child. Ha Ha don't tell Tobie. Love all the photos of sweet toostie, love love them love them. Good report keep it up Love Pa l.

  2. What a cutie!! Love the update!