Thursday, July 25, 2013

12 months = 1 year

Time has really flown by! (excuse the lack of a 12 month sticker picture, I forgot to take one on the ipad.)

One year checkup was on Thursday, July 11.
You weighed in at 17 pounds, which put you in the third percentile. (You also got to weigh on the big kid scale since you can stand up.)
You measured at 28.5 inches tall, which they said puts you in the 99th percentile. I did a chart on the Internet that put you in the 25th percentile, which makes more sense to me since you were last in the 6th percentile.
Your head measured at 18 inches so your brain is still growing!

Clothing wise... You wear anything from six months to 12 months, size 2 shoe, and size 2 diapers. If we had known we would be in size two diapers this long, we would not have bought size 3 and 4 when we were stocking up before you were born! I guess you will eventually grow into them so we'll hang onto them.

Sleeping habits... You are still a good nighttime sleeper. You have started waking up in the middle of the night crying. I say it is because you miss us but your Dad isn't sold on that. By saying you have started, I mean you have done it a handful of times in the last two weeks. We have been practicing having an afternoon nap since you will have a nap time when you go to Jade's in the fall. Your nap ranges from one hour to two hours. Generally, you will take a short rest in the morning too.

Eating... What won't you eat? I don't know. We haven't found anything that you won't eat. You have started to share with Tobie and she loves it! You also like to tease her. You will dangle your hand over the edge and just let her sniff or lick your hand. Sometimes, you have food in that hand and Tobie tries her hardest to lick it out of there. She is always at your side when it is eating time!

Right after I took this picture, you looked at me and smiled like you were so proud of yourself for sharing with Tobie.

Talking... You have a lot to say, all the time. Your Dad even commented that "you already talk with attitude and I have no idea what you are saying." Mama and Dada are in your vocabulary when you choose to say them. Sometimes when you talk, it sounds like you are saying things, like 'what is that?', 'where is dad?', and even 'dang it!' You know four signs...  more, milk, please, and dog. Except you don't on know dog means dog. I taught you that is "come here, Tobie." So many times when you see here, you start patting your little leg.

Playing... Over the last month, we really started to notice you playing independently. You still like to for us to play on the floor with you but you don't freak out if no one is down there. You love to open and close things. You will use anything to pull up on. You will walk behind anything that moves. After getting stood up, you can stand for at least 15 seconds before you realize no one is holding your hand and plop yourself back down. You haven't gotten brave enough to try it on your own or to take a step without holding on. You have discovered that you can dump over your little baskets of toys so we pick those up a couple times a day. You also found Tobie's toy basket. It was like a whole new game to toss her animals out of the basket!

Tobie... You still love to torment her. You will follow her all over until she goes into hiding. You are still determined that her food is your food. When we tell you no, you keep trying to get her food or splash in her bowl. Strong-willed, you are. I wonder where you get that?! Be gentle is still a daily phrase.

We celebrated your birthday on July 13. Lots of family and friends came over for a hot dog cookout. It is so warming to know that you are so loved by the people in your life. The 'theme' was " One is Snow much Fun!" We decorated in pink and green. We stayed up late Friday night making strawberry cupcakes and frosting them with hot pink frosting. They were so pretty! You had a giant cupcake as your 'smash cake'. You didn't go too crazy with it but still managed to get hot pink frosting from your head to your legs.

You are very blessed to have so many friends and family come celebrate sweet little you! You got lots of books to add to the small collection you had, puzzles, toys, balls and a shopping cart that you love to empty. Putting your groceries back into the cart is a work in progress. In the days since your party, you love to 'read' your cards. You take them out of the bucket at least once, probably more like three or four, times a day.

Now I need to work on putting all the treasures I kept from your first year into your baby book before you turn two! I am a year behind so I don't need another one to creep up on me! Slow down your growing, baby girl!

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