Sunday, September 29, 2013

Someone Lost a Job...

... and their name would be Scrubbin' Bubbles! Sorry for the slight cardio I may have given all four of you faithful readers. I figure since I haven't posted lately, the title had to be dramatic.

Our bathtub generally didn’t get much use until Kinley came along. The occasional Tobie bath and rare uses by visitors (not that our visitors don’t shower, it’s just that we don’t have too many overnight visitors) warranted for a bi-yearly cleaning. Did we really only clean the tub twice a year? I don’t know but it sure isn’t something I stress about when cleaning for bunco or small gatherings.

Anywho, the tub was pretty gross from Kinley’s bath time. Hubby commented how we needed to give it a good scrubbing. So naturally, I retreated to pinterest to find the DIY bathtub cleaner recipe. I had seen it before but hadn’t paid a whole lot of attention to it since I didn’t feel the tub was that terrible. Many ‘pinners’ swore by it and it was simple to make. I actually had the ingredients at home.

½ cup dish soap (the recipe said blue Dawn but I used orange Ajax and it worked)
½ cup vinegar
he recipe said put it in a spray bottle, spray it on, let it set and then wipe it down. I didn’t use a spray bottle. Just a bowl and sponge. I also didn’t let it set; I just gave it a little scrub and rinsed it off.

As I said earlier, Scrubbin’ Bubbles lost a job at our house! Fair warning, it doesn’t smell good but it works well! So well, that I blogged about it! (1-because it really worked and 2-because who really wants to see a picture of my dirty bathtub? No one.)

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  1. Oooooh! Maybe the Coatneys need to start using this recipe too.