Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lots to document

So much to catch up on... So little space (like none) to post pictures. I think I may break down and buy space so I can properly document our life. Seems silly but also like something that I like to be able to look back on and see.

I have been told by my Pa, "that the blog isn't worth shit anymore."

I am on my way to fixing that! Like I started a new post and it let me add a picture! We'll see if I can post it with the picture too!!! I just might do a happy little dance!

I'm going to test it now... hopefully this sweet little face can tide us all over....

Cross your fingers and toes, people!


  1. I think that I signed up for google plus or something like that and got more storage. I'm not positive exactly what I did but I ended up with more storage and I didn't pay anything.

    1. Well, so far something is working! I'll keep that in mind if I need to!