Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Lips Are Sealed

Sunday, July 21st, we found out there was going to be a little more snow in March 2014! However, 3 days later we knew we were keeping this a secret a little longer than usual. That day is when my Brother-in-law called to tell us they were expecting! We decided we were not going to rain on their parade or steal any of the excitement away from them. We would just wait until after they announced their good news to share ours. Zzziiiiiipp! Our lips are sealed!

Life went on with us though... Sickness had set in and I just didn't feel right so I got the magic little pregnancy stick out. It seemed like as fast as I peed on it, it changed to two pink 'pregnant' lines. Fortunately, my morning sickness contains mostly a nauseous feeling and not actually much throwing up. i had cases of the sleepies too. We had our first doctor's appointment on August 9 and that is when we were given a March 6th due date. Our next appointment was September 5th. As usual, it took longer to get to the appointment than we were actually with the doctor. 

Saturday, September 14th, we were traveling to Enid for a friend's baby shower and my birthday lunch with the family. Little did they know we had a surprise for them!

Kinley doesn't look thrilled but secretly I think she is
With the hoopla of taking a cake picture it was a little chaotic and crazy for the family to also read Kinley's shirt (that happened to be the same shirt Tobie wore for her big news reveal). After Pa realized what was going on, he said, "Preston, what the hell have you been doing to my granddaughter?" That witty old man!

I told my principal the following Tuesday. He didn't believe until I said, "Yes, I'm having a baby. In March." He informed me he was no longer going to hire young teachers because all we do is have babies. I told him it was less stress to work for 3/4 of the school year so that's why we all keep having babies. His main concern was whether or not I would be returning to work in the fall.

My teacher friends found out at girls night on Thursday (9/19) and facebook and the world got the news that night.
"They say no two Snowflakes are alike. We'll find out in March when our second little Snowflake comes along."

See?! She is happy!
It is heart warming to have so many people (in the real world and via facebook) be excited for your expanding family. More to come on this little bundle of joy!

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