Thursday, June 16, 2011

End of year- Part 3

The following pictures are little projects we did at the end of the year.....

Even though space in not part of  kindergarten curriculum, I enjoy it and it is something exciting to teach and learn at the end of the year. For a little over a week we talked about our solar system. We read books about the planets and then drew the planet to add to our picture.

My school is now a PBIS Model school. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Supports. Being a model school means that other schools who are looking into the program could come and see it in action at my school. PBIS basically helps you recognize students behavior in a positive way (which is what we all try to do, right?!). Each year our school hosts the Rotary group for lunch. This year our 'theme' was to showcase our PBIS, so my kids were asked to draw a picture of our code of conduct, which is Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready to Learn.

These girls are in class making the right choices.

One is helping the other

They are ready to learn... outside.

This student is in the hallway showing his hallway procedures.

He is helping his friend up.

They are at the rug (our rug actually had numbers on it like this orange one).

A very sweet family in my class gave each student a goody bag. Each bag had a beanie baby, little trinkets and candy. The girls got a princess wand and the boys a pirate hat. I showed the kids what they would get in their bag and also that we would be writing thank you notes before taking the bags home. On the board, I wrote some of the words they might need and then let them decide how to proceed.

Though my year with my babies is over, I will always remember my first kindergarten class. The list of don't care for gradually disappeared as the year went on. Did my patience get better or did they grow up? I hope they enjoyed their time in my class as much as I enjoyed them. :)

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