Friday, June 17, 2011

End of Year- part 4

Just when I thought I was done, I think of other things that I forgot!

At our end of the year assembly, I was surprised with this:

I was excited and it was very cute how excited some of my little people were too! One friend came over [after talking to his family, but that's not the point..] and said, "Congratulations on your award!" AAWWWWWEEEEEEEE!!!

And now I digress to the first week of May, Teacher Appreciation Week. Although my little friends show every day with cute pictures or sweet words, they did not fail the actual week of Teacher Appreciation Week.
Isn't this an adorable cardigan?! He was so proud that I wore that day too! I also got the blue-ish necklace. It is one of those rolled-paper necklaces.

This friend's grandma told me she was so excited to pick this hat out for me. I wore it all day too.
[a sidenote to this gift--- a different student (6 years old)  informed me that this is a pimp hat. "My mom has one like it too and she says it is her pimp hat." I dared to ask him if his mom was a pimp and he told me no, so just because I have a pimp hat, I am not necessarily a pimp. He also did not know what a pimp was so I encouraged him not to use the word.]

And aren't these SOOO cute?! I heart them. He told me, "My mom got you these because she thinks you went to school there."
For the last month of school, we were talking about going to first grade. One friend expressed that he never wanted to leave my class. I told him he was too smart be in kindergarten forever and he would do just fine in first grade but was always welcome to come visit me. {This child had a rocky year and was the only student in my class to receive the Most Improved Behavior Award.} Anyways, he started hugging me around the time we started talking about first grade--before that he was too cool for such nonsense. On the last day of school he told me he would miss me, gave me a huge hug and didn't want to let go. I told him he would have a great summer and would forget all about me when he got home and played. So he started off down the hall. He kept turning to see if I was watching and waving again. Sometimes he would even run back down the hall for another hug. We did this several times before I followed him down the hall talking to him (telling him I would call him sometime this summer to check on him) and getting ready to head outside for my duty. He hugged me again and headed out the door to walk home. When I could no longer see him, I turned to head outside for duty when I felt something attach to me again. It was the sweetest thing ever.

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