Sunday, February 8, 2015

10 months

Crazy what a little natural light will do for a picture!

Oh my goodness, Buddy! It's hard to believe you are 10 months old! Where is the time going?!

You are on the move everywhere you go. If you can grab it, you pull up on it. You've started taking the walker for little cruises on your own. Your sister will get her stroller and try to coax you to follow her but gets impatient waiting for your little legs to try and catch up. You are such a mover that it is hard to snap a picture of you on anything other than the camera. You are too fast for the phone camera! You like to crawl as fast as you can to Tobie's dog dish and act so sad and pitiful when we tell you that you cannot play in the water or eat the dog food. You love to open drawers but tend to squish your fingers in it.

You love to play with blocks... mainly knocking them over. We can hardly get a tower built before you knock it down. You like jumping in the exer-saucer and will do it for a good while before slowing down.

You are still in size 3 diapers, 9 month clothing (with the occasional 12 month slipped in there), and size 2 shoes. One of your favorite games is to take your socks off before we can even get your shoes on. Out of curiosity and in hopes of staying away from the flu bug going around, I have given the essential oil, Thieves, a try. You give me a big grin when I put it on your feet in the morning and at night. I don't know if that means you like it or you just like the little foot massage. Either way, I'll take that adorable little smile! Speaking of that smile, you have started twisting your tongue sometimes when you smile at us. You also have a tendency to grind your four little teeth together.

You are still a great sleeper, usually going to bed around 8:30 after having a good 9 oz. bottle of Mommy milk. Occasionally, you will wake up at night but usually put yourself back to sleep after finding one of your animals. You seem a more attached to having an animal with you at all times than your sister was.

We have had several nice weather days in January. When outside, you love to swing and ride in your blue truck. You like to be on the ground too but you like to put grass, rocks, leaves, wood chips, anything really, into your mouth so I try to give you something else to do.

Your sister loves you to pieces. You don't stand a chance when it comes to doing things on your own. She is always up in your business trying to tell you how to do it or don't do it (No sir, Wyatt! Nooo sir!). She makes you laugh and smile more than anyone. I pray that you two always have a loving relationship and can always count on each other for anything. I pray that you guys will always have each others back in whatever you face in life. Always be her best friend, buddy. Always.

Your sweet smile, dimples and blue eyes get me every time, Brother Bear.
I love you to pieces!

You are all because two people fell in love, 

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