Saturday, February 21, 2015

Friday Night Tradition

What started out as convenience before doing Christmas shopping or running errands has turned into our Friday night thing to do.

On Friday nights, you can find us going to Chick-fil-A for dinner and then running errands if necessary. A sweet lady that works there had taken a strong liking to Wyatt and Kinley. Gelyn is from Nicaragua and loves to talk in Spanish to the kids.  She has taught Kinley adios and says she wants to teach them a new word each time. She also always makes sure the kids get a balloon, even if there aren't any blown up she will go get some especially for them. On one occasion, she got them balloons and then had other kids wanted one too so there she found herself blowing up more.

Anyways, on with the tradition. We have started sending our balloons to heaven to our Pa (instead of letting them float around the house tormenting Tobie). I decided to do it one evening and since doing it, Kinley has asked about sending our balloons to Pa.

it's not the greatest picture but it captures a sweet moment

Tonight’s conversation was about sending them to him and asking other questions, like “Can I play with Pa?”

“Is Pa on the roof?” to which Hubby answered, “He’s higher than the roof and in a better place than the roof.”

Or “Is Pa napping?” and the answer to that was, “No, he’s watching over you. He’ll probably wait until you go to sleep before he naps. He won’t want to miss any of the fun stuff you do.”

And then that sweet little thing says, “Is Pa in heaven? Can we see him?” {insert dagger to the heart.} Hubby was so sweet in answering her as I sat with tears in my eyes on the ride home, “Someday we’ll all see him.” As I've said before, I wish heaven had visiting hours.

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