Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chalk It Up

In 1993, my Pa started a tradition in me. Chalking. It truly started with painting a banner for my Mom's 40th birthday...

excuse all the blank space and that mop in the background. Oh, wait! That's my hair!!
Sheeesh! I should have listened to my Mama and got that hair out of my face!
And those bangs!

Then for years and years and years after that I did chalking for various occasions. Birthday? Chalk it. Anniversary? Chalk it. Good luck? Chalk it. Homecoming in college? Chalk it. Coming home after a heart surgery? Chalk it. The more chalk on the driveway, the better it was. The less the person suspected it, also, the better.

Have I been busted by Pa chalking his driveway? Yes. Were there times that I totally surprised him. Absolutely. {he couldn't believe I snuck onto the back patio late at night and chalked it up without waking the dog.} There were times I had my brother along as an accomplice. It was family thing. You could also normally bet on it raining that day too. 

Today is a day I would normally have the chalk out. I miss him more everyday but know that he is always with me. Happy birthday, PaL!

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