Saturday, July 18, 2015

Three Years

Oh Kinley Binley, where has the time gone?

Three years ago, you stole the hearts of many. You were loved more than you could imagine before you were born. Yet you are loved even more today.

you have to look closely but that third finger is up!
we practiced!
You have such a fun, sassy and determined personality. You are smart. {at 16 months, your Pa always told me that you were smart but I thought he was just being a doting great grandpa. Turns out that he knew what he was talking about. He would be proud as a peacock to see you now.} You recognize all 26 letters and can tell the sound they make too. You can count to 20 without skipping a beat. You like coloring, cutting, gluing and crafting. You love puzzles and figure them out quickly. You are a pro at 24 piece puzzles.

You are a kind and caring big sister, most of the time. You love to take of your brother. If he is crying you will run over, pat his back and tell him, "It's okay, Bubba." In the car, you will sing Jesus Loves Wyatt or the song Miss Rachie sings at school, "Wyyyatt, Wyyyatt, Wyatt in the morning, Wyatt in the noon time..." If you are out of bed before him, you run over, push his door open and switch on the light saying, "Good morning, Sushine!!" Then you will sing him one of our morning songs. You will bring him milk, share your snack and try to hold (a little too tight most of the time) him in your lap. At Sam's, you will try to tell the door person that you want two smiley faces on the back of the receipt... one for you and one for Wyatt. You also like to boss your brother around. If he is crying, you have been known to say, "Shhhh! Too loud! I donwanna hear it, Brother." or push him out of your way. At the end of the day though, you are a little lover with him.

You love your Daddy the most. You love to wait for him to come home. You like to make a "bench seat" with him at the dinner table. You love to have him rock you at bed time. When I wake you in the summer, the first words out of your mouth are, "Where's Daddy?". Shortly after that you ask to call him at work. You like to go outside and wave bye to him from the porch but then dart to the backyard windows as soon as he drives away so you can watch for him to drive by. Your love for him is so sweet but not as sweet as the love he has for you.

You are always on the go. You love swinging and going higher and faster. You love jumping--- off the stairs, off the porch, off the coffee table, off the couch. You name it, you'd probably jump off of it. You will push a kitchen table chair anywhere to help you reach something. You love to "be your good helper". You know where things go and will tell someone if it isn't right. You like to be in the pantry. You will drag your brother in there and play with the packages of fruit snacks while trying to open the chips, Cheez-Its, etc.

we rescued this baby bird from the jaws of Tobie and safely put it in the flowerbed
You prefer riding in Gussy (Dad's truck) over Fancy (Mom's car) but if we let you choose... you would probably pick Sherbie (Dad's 55 Chevy). You like cruising the driveway in your pink and purple jeep. You like to ride your Minnie Mouse bike "down Gerald's street" but haven't quite figured out the brakes. You love to explore, pick up bugs and frogs, and help with anything. You love seeing big equipment... cement mixers, buses, semi trucks, dump trucks and helicopters just to name a few.

Some funny stuff that you say--
*Chicken-Flavit for Chick-Fil-A
*O Kahuna's House for Hideaway Pizza
*Buffalo Wil' Mingo for Buffalo Wild Wings
   (those of you close by can probably tell that we frequent Tulsa Hills.... a lot)
*MissCalisters for McAlisters
*granolin or just olin bars for granola bars
*Will you roll my window out? - when you want your window in the car rolled down
*pony doggy taily- is a regular pony tail
*doggy- in regards to your hair, is when the pony is on the top side of your head
*diaper tail- the diaper pail
*thlee- is the number three
*smoke-atector- the smoke detector which you have paid a lot of attention to lately so we talk about what it does and what we do if it goes off. We even made it go off so you could hear what it sounds like.
*I ahmost waited too yong!- this is said when you think that you almost waited too long to go potty. If I try to correct you, you enunciate the Y even more. In all other cases, you pronounce your Ls.
*For thine is the kingdom, the power and the girly forever. Amen -at night when you say your Lord's Prayer

Your three year well child check up was on July 10th. You weighed in at 32.6 pounds and are 37.4 inches tall. You are pretty well potty trained during your waking hours. Occasionally, you will have an accident right at the potty. Your size five diapers suit you well for over night and napping. You wear mostly 2t clothes. 3t also fits you and gives room to grow. You have started wanting to pick out some of your own clothes or at least say if you want to wear a dress or not. You wear a size 7 in shoes but still love to wear some that are bigger since you can get them off and on easier. Your favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Currently, your favorite color is purple and your favorite animal is a cow.

On July 11th, we had a Kinley and the Purple Crayon party. Friends and family came over to play in the water, eat snacks, bust a pinata and open presents. Your cupcakes were homemade and you got to do the purple scribble icing on top.

My Sweet Little Snowflake,
It is hard to believe three years have gone by. You make being a mommy so fun, even when you test the limits. As parents, I hope we can teach you to be honest, compassionate and strong (strong willed, strong with your family and friends, strong in your faith).  As you grow, I hope you know and remember that you are a beautiful and smart girl that can do anything you put your mind to.

I'll love you forever,

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