Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sibling Love

As I navigate this thing called motherhood, this is something that constantly sticks in my mind. 
I want my babies to always love each other. 
Not just because they are siblings but because they are friends.

They have an adorable love for each other now. Though most pictures do not show happiness on both of their faces.... case in point...

I want them to be friends.
I want them to always be a phone call away.

I want them to have a silly group text. (I wouldn't mind being part of it too!)
Someday they will be grown ups and they will need each other in some way.
I want their children to have cousins that feel more like siblings and aunts and uncles that feel like bonus parents.
I want them to have fun family gatherings.
I want them to go on family vacations together.
I want them to always have each other's back.
I want them to look up to each other and be proud that they are siblings.
I want their relationship to be two sided.

I want for them what I don't have. 
I pray that their Daddy and I instill that into them so that nothing will ever break it.

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