Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Girlfriend

When I think about it, it's hard to breathe. My heart is in shambles. My brain knows it is the right thing to do but my heart breaks over and over and over and over again just thinking about it.

 My bestie, my little lover, my snuggle buddy. My sidekick, my nurse, my partner that never complained about going to school, my number one model. My advetureer, my hunter. My house alarm, my door guardian, my mop. My first baby, my girlfriend.

 You showed me in one fail swoop the kind of Daddy your Daddy would make. Your brown eyes warmed me. Your kisses were always just right. You fit right into the nook of my legs. You overflowed my heart. You gently loved the other babies that were brought into your world. You captured the hearts of many. You are irreplaceable. You are forever loved.


 Though it is often hard to see by being trampled or squished, your little humans have grown to love you. They love calling you first thing in the morning. They love showering you with treats and "training you." They always make sure you are out of harms way in the driveway (as if you needed help). They watch out for you as people pass by on the street. They love to greet you when we get home and find out where you've been napping. They love to walk you. They know you are the glue that keeps our family together.


When you came into my life, I wasn't expecting you. I wasn't sure if I was actually fit to have you. Now I struggle to think of life without you. Family pictures will never be complete. Saturday morning snuggles and loafing on the couch will never be the same. Afternoon naps won't be as comfy.

Be sweet. Give your gentle kisses. Soak up all the sun. Always know that you are so loved. 
Heaven is a much sweeter place now, girlfriend!

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