Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another gem from Pa

This past weekend, we took Kinley on her first road trip! We ventured to Enid Sunday afternoon. The main purpose of going was to attend my Dad's Gourmet group. 

What is Gourmet? This type of Gourmet started as 6 couples. It is now 4 couples and my Dad. They all went to church together and once a month, they meet at someone's house and have dinner. The host house makes the main meal while others bring, salad, dessert, appetizer, bread or a vegetable. I think they started back in 1979 but I could be wrong maybe it was 1982. It was one of those years because I remember it was either the year Brother was born or I was born. Regardless, this group of people have known me since I was a bump on my Mom's belly. 

They were all excited about Kinley and even bought her a swing... so I wanted to take her to meet the group and it was convenient because my Dad was hosting.

Anywho, when we got to town, we just showed up at Nandy and Pa's. I hadn't told them we were coming. My plan was to set Kinley in her car seat, ring the doorbell and stand back to wait for Pa's reaction. However, when we pulled up they had just gotten home from the grocery store and riding around town. They were still surprised though.

Two weeks earlier, Pa was nervous to hold Kinley because "I'm not stable and if I drop her, I would never forgive myself." We ended up putting Pa in the corner of the couch and, well, you saw what happened here the last time he held her. This time, he sat down on the couch next to me, looked at her for a few minutes and then put his arms out ready to hold her.

In conversation, Aunt Carol mentioned that she and Nandy went for a pedicure but Nandy didn't really care for the massage chair. Pa was just flabbergasted by this. He asked her , "why do you like me to scratch your back in the morning but not like a massage chair." She just shrugged off his question so he answered it for her while moving his hands and fingers around, "It must be magic fingers!" I think he cracks himself up too!

I still think it is so sweet how he takes care of my Nandy. I pray that Preston keeps up the good work he is already doing and will still take care of me when I am old.

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