Friday, October 5, 2012

iCan Learn!

I have thought about this project for quite some time (like I had 4 drafts of it in my DC account) and finally finished it! Now I can wait and hope it will be brought to life through donations. 

In my confirmation email, it said for the next 7 days to use the code INSPIRE at check out and the Donors Choose board of directors would match the donation! Then, the Friends and Family campaign starts on Monday, October 8th. I don't have a code for that yet but each donation is matched with that code for a week.

I haven't spent much time with my students this year but can imagine they would get pretty excited knowing they could learn using an ipod Touch. 

This snazzy piece of technology would be used during my literacy stations. There are so many educational apps, free or for a small fee, that I think students would love! AND, they won't really feel like they are learning. I would also download some kid friendly music and use it as a reward.

I am hopeful for this project to be funded because I think it will be so exciting for my kids!

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  1. Jenie this is to deep again for me . can I send you a check to help with this project. Love Pa