Monday, October 8, 2012

Good Stuff from Pa

Well, if the last Crazy Stuff My Pa Says post didn't embarrass him enough, this one is sure to get him!

See, I don't want to forget the good stuff that he says so I text it to myself. This text is from the first time they came over to visit Kinley, so July 23 to be exact. Sorry to keep you waiting on this one but let's be honest I got a little busy. :)

During their visit, Pa was talking and either I didn't hear what he said or didn't understand him when he asked, "Do I talk like I have a mouth full of shit??" We all cracked up when he asked that and I am cracking up again as I type it!

Here's the doozy for the day:
This next great conversation happened when they were leaving. Brother drove Nandy and Pa's Buick Rendevous (think of a little rhino because that is what it reminds me of) over. 
one of these--- I only show it so you know it wasn't like them cramming into a clown car
Nandy rode shotgun while my Dad, Claire and Pa shared the backseat. I'm waiting for Pa to get in so I can shut the door to send them on their way. He was in the process of buckling his seat belt when the wonderful-ness came out of his mouth.

Pa: Can I hit the hole now? (asking Claire if he was close to the seatbelt latch)
Me: How many times have you said that today?
Pa: Oh, I haven't hit the hole in years!!
WOAH! Too much information.
Me: Get your mind out of the gutter! I wasn't talking about that. I was asking since you always say that about standing up to pee!

He then followed up with something along the line of that not being a problem because his friend gave him some stick that is supposed to help him hit the hole in the bathroom.

Even though he says some of the craziest things, I know that is he is head over heels for this one...
this was from the first time they visited. what a little baby she was 

look how big she has gotten! (8 weeks old)
Thanks for the laughs PaL!


  1. He is a hoot! If I could just convince him to move over here. :-)