Monday, April 8, 2013

8 months

{I suppose I should post this since we are almost to her 9 month birthday!! AAHHHH!!!}

We don't go back to the doctor until 9 months so we have to wait one more month for a height and weight check (although the scale in the produce area at Wal-Mart says she weighs 15-16 pounds).

On Sunday, February 24, we dove back into foods... with peas. I think it is appropriate to say she didn't really care for them and we got a taste of the faces we were looking for with the other eating adventures. I assured her that she didn't have to love them, or even like them, when she got older as they are not in our family menu. However, peas were on the menu Monday night. She still made some surprised faces and would stick her tongue out with the peas on them as if she were saying 'get these off of here!' Tuesday was peas again. Every day she did a little better and finally got used to them. Did I? Ick. The smell is still terrible. It makes me cringe a little just feeding them her. We made it through a week of peas with no bumpies so we ventured on to squash again.

By the first of March, we noticed Kinley seemed to master holding her own bottle. Where is our little baby going? She is still eating every 4 hours during the day. Sometimes on the weekend she will go a little longer but 4 hours helps keep us on a schedule. During the week, food feedings take place in the evenings. On the weekend, she may get cereal in the morning and later in the day or food in the middle of the afternoon. It just varies weekend to weekend. When eating out one Sunday after church, I tested Kinley on sucking out of a straw. I held some water in it with my finger to see how she would do and she used it like a pro.

Saturday, March 8th, we ventured to Stillwater for a basketball game. The first basketball game Kinley went to, we sat in the suites so it was pretty calm. It was also at the beginning of the season when they were playing non-conference games. This game was the first in the stands, where it is loud and wilder. She did really good though. After half time, we went on a little walk on the concourse and then found a chair tucked in by the stairs to sit down and rock in. After about 7 minutes, she was out. I waited a little longer and then went and stood in the doorway to test if she would sleep through the cheering. She did and continued for another 10 minutes. It was almost like she sensed the end of the games so she woke up to see the end.

Excuse the poor, picture of a picture quality. :)


  1. No doubt about it Miss Kinley is going to be an OSU Child. Maybe good maybe not so good , what if she wants to be a Lawyer and has to goto O>U> You know that other school, Maybe if Pa lives long enough nshe may want to go to N.O.C.. Lordy Lordy what a thought Love Pa, Don't really matter I love her to pieces. Good night

  2. She is so cute!! We need to get together soon!!