Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Funny! Ha! Ha!

I have a little comedian in my class.

What does a jalapeño do?

Give up?

It gets jalapeño business!
{get it? all up in your business!}
Another part that made it even more funny was the presentation. As he told the punch line, he did this little shake, like he had to groove with the answer. It wasn't just a one time shake either. I had him tell the joke to at least two others and the shake was always there. :)

This was also the day that a little friend of mine said:
K: Mrs. Snow, I like your rings!
Me: Thank you.
K: Is that your family ring and those are your wedding rings?
Me: Well, this is actually my wedding rings and sure, those are my family rings.(talking about the rings I wear on my right hand)
K: Well, I like your wedding ring!
Me: Thanks. Mr. Snow did good, didn't he?
K: Uh-huh. It looks like a police officer badge!

Some other silly words I have heard....
*spilrs {pronounced spy-lers} are spiders. the job was to sound out the word for the picture
*tetop {pronounced tee-top} is a teapot
*wolfing {pronounced as you would think... wolf-ing} means to throw up. the job here was to spell a word that starts with w.

To finish off this little school post, I'll say that I HAVE A CHICK!!! There are more to come but one hatched today! My assistant was in the room and went to pick up the kids from library early so they could gather round and watch it push out of its egg! (i missed it... but how exciting for my kids!) It was also exciting because now this chick shares a birthday with a kid in class! :) Some names that were suggested for the little guy were: Cody, Brian, and Chick-e Love Diamond.

excuse the blurry picture of a picture

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