Monday, April 8, 2013

My School Friends are Growing Up!

Before spring break, I was able to see how much some of my friends have grown.

Being the day before spring break, we celebrated St. Patrick's day. It was a first, but a leprechaun visited our classroom. They are messy little boogers, pulling lots of green things into a pile in the middle of the classroom, turning chairs over, making a pyramid of chairs on top of the table and leaving a leprechaun trail of green glitter all over the place... but left each kid a piece of gold in their crayon pouch. {all of which I did not have to pick up or even ask friends to help clean up. they just started on their own!}

At one point, a friend thought the leprechaun forgot him, which I am positive he didn't. S was telling me this when another friend went over to help him check his crayon pouch. I had also been over to check and definitely didn't see one in there but I let them continue looking saying,"it must be there. He wouldn't leave someone out." {While also going to grab another piece to sneak in there sometime}. When S kind of gave up hope, K looked at him and said, "Here you can have mine. I don't need it." Of course now I need to sneak the piece into her pouch as if the leprechaun knew of her nice deed. So I did.

She turned back to her seat and kept working one her paper. Then, the moment came when she reached into her pouch searching for a crayon. She fumbled around and then it caught her eye (mind you this was merely minutes later) and she looked up with a puzzled look and said, "Mrs. Snow! Guys! A piece of gold!" Some of the kids looked at her like 'duh. We all got a piece.' So I said, "what? You just gave that to S. did he give it back?" She looked at him and tried to ask if this was the piece she just gave him but when she did she saw him still holding the piece of gold and turned in shock to me again. She turned and looked at me again. 

A couple of the kids around her said, "Huh. Why did she get two pieces??" I explained that I had just seen her give her piece away so she didn't have two. We just chalked it up to the leprechaun knowing how selfless she was.

After we returned from spring break, I told her mom of her kind actions and she was very proud of her. She also told me their family made a trap to try and catch the leprechaun but they were unsuccessful. It is so nice to see how much my little school friends are growing up.

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