Sunday, April 28, 2013

Silly kids!

While my own baby is super cute, adorable and changing nearly daily.... Her posts take me more time. I don't want to leave anything out and find that I can't just post about her on whim as easily as I can my kids at school. I also think that at the end of the year {have I mentioned there are only 10 days of school left?!?} I need a reminder, through all the busy, as to why I do like my job

I really do feel blessed about the group of kids that I have this year. I mean, they have really gone with the flow with me being gone the first fourth of the year. They are a bunch of tattlers, oh my do they tattle, but they are also very affectionate towards each other and me. One little guy tells me nearly daily as we enter the classroom that he thinks I look pretty or compliments me on my shirt. It is really sweet. Another friend tells me that she thinks I am the "best teacher ever. And I'm not just saying that!" Even another will sneak up behind me while I am sitting in the little kid chairs and just hug me.

Through all the sweet there are still some funnies!
I sent a friend to the bathroom. He was gone for quite some time so my assistant went to check on him. When she returned, she said, "he was definitely in there. (meaning he was in the stall not just using the urinal). When he came in, I asked why he was gone so long. He kind of tried to brush me off and keep walking so I grabbed his shirt, stopped him and asked again why he was gone so long {and she I say gone so long I am talking about 15 minutes}. His first answer was a mumble jumble of words so I told him to speak up. He said, "I was afraid from the toilet." Of course I question exactly what that means. Again, the answer was some what mumbled but I was able to make it out... "I thought there might be creatures in it." Ummmm, okay. The answer just really caught me and my assistant off guard. I then told him that "the next time you are afraid at the toilet to come tell me because I was worried.

The first picture of a picture was done while I was out one day for a training. My assistant documented and kept it for blogging purposes. You can thank her. :) The job was to sound out and draw a picture of a W word...

"Wolfing... You know, throwing up."
The next picture is in preparation for Truck Touch thank you cards. I asked my kids to draw a car and write "Thank you" on their picture. Sweet friend sounded out what she heard when saying it but every time I look at it I see something different...

"thank you"

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Funny! Ha! Ha!

I have a little comedian in my class.

What does a jalapeño do?

Give up?

It gets jalapeño business!
{get it? all up in your business!}
Another part that made it even more funny was the presentation. As he told the punch line, he did this little shake, like he had to groove with the answer. It wasn't just a one time shake either. I had him tell the joke to at least two others and the shake was always there. :)

This was also the day that a little friend of mine said:
K: Mrs. Snow, I like your rings!
Me: Thank you.
K: Is that your family ring and those are your wedding rings?
Me: Well, this is actually my wedding rings and sure, those are my family rings.(talking about the rings I wear on my right hand)
K: Well, I like your wedding ring!
Me: Thanks. Mr. Snow did good, didn't he?
K: Uh-huh. It looks like a police officer badge!

Some other silly words I have heard....
*spilrs {pronounced spy-lers} are spiders. the job was to sound out the word for the picture
*tetop {pronounced tee-top} is a teapot
*wolfing {pronounced as you would think... wolf-ing} means to throw up. the job here was to spell a word that starts with w.

To finish off this little school post, I'll say that I HAVE A CHICK!!! There are more to come but one hatched today! My assistant was in the room and went to pick up the kids from library early so they could gather round and watch it push out of its egg! (i missed it... but how exciting for my kids!) It was also exciting because now this chick shares a birthday with a kid in class! :) Some names that were suggested for the little guy were: Cody, Brian, and Chick-e Love Diamond.

excuse the blurry picture of a picture

Monday, April 8, 2013

8 months

{I suppose I should post this since we are almost to her 9 month birthday!! AAHHHH!!!}

We don't go back to the doctor until 9 months so we have to wait one more month for a height and weight check (although the scale in the produce area at Wal-Mart says she weighs 15-16 pounds).

On Sunday, February 24, we dove back into foods... with peas. I think it is appropriate to say she didn't really care for them and we got a taste of the faces we were looking for with the other eating adventures. I assured her that she didn't have to love them, or even like them, when she got older as they are not in our family menu. However, peas were on the menu Monday night. She still made some surprised faces and would stick her tongue out with the peas on them as if she were saying 'get these off of here!' Tuesday was peas again. Every day she did a little better and finally got used to them. Did I? Ick. The smell is still terrible. It makes me cringe a little just feeding them her. We made it through a week of peas with no bumpies so we ventured on to squash again.

By the first of March, we noticed Kinley seemed to master holding her own bottle. Where is our little baby going? She is still eating every 4 hours during the day. Sometimes on the weekend she will go a little longer but 4 hours helps keep us on a schedule. During the week, food feedings take place in the evenings. On the weekend, she may get cereal in the morning and later in the day or food in the middle of the afternoon. It just varies weekend to weekend. When eating out one Sunday after church, I tested Kinley on sucking out of a straw. I held some water in it with my finger to see how she would do and she used it like a pro.

Saturday, March 8th, we ventured to Stillwater for a basketball game. The first basketball game Kinley went to, we sat in the suites so it was pretty calm. It was also at the beginning of the season when they were playing non-conference games. This game was the first in the stands, where it is loud and wilder. She did really good though. After half time, we went on a little walk on the concourse and then found a chair tucked in by the stairs to sit down and rock in. After about 7 minutes, she was out. I waited a little longer and then went and stood in the doorway to test if she would sleep through the cheering. She did and continued for another 10 minutes. It was almost like she sensed the end of the games so she woke up to see the end.

Excuse the poor, picture of a picture quality. :)

My School Friends are Growing Up!

Before spring break, I was able to see how much some of my friends have grown.

Being the day before spring break, we celebrated St. Patrick's day. It was a first, but a leprechaun visited our classroom. They are messy little boogers, pulling lots of green things into a pile in the middle of the classroom, turning chairs over, making a pyramid of chairs on top of the table and leaving a leprechaun trail of green glitter all over the place... but left each kid a piece of gold in their crayon pouch. {all of which I did not have to pick up or even ask friends to help clean up. they just started on their own!}

At one point, a friend thought the leprechaun forgot him, which I am positive he didn't. S was telling me this when another friend went over to help him check his crayon pouch. I had also been over to check and definitely didn't see one in there but I let them continue looking saying,"it must be there. He wouldn't leave someone out." {While also going to grab another piece to sneak in there sometime}. When S kind of gave up hope, K looked at him and said, "Here you can have mine. I don't need it." Of course now I need to sneak the piece into her pouch as if the leprechaun knew of her nice deed. So I did.

She turned back to her seat and kept working one her paper. Then, the moment came when she reached into her pouch searching for a crayon. She fumbled around and then it caught her eye (mind you this was merely minutes later) and she looked up with a puzzled look and said, "Mrs. Snow! Guys! A piece of gold!" Some of the kids looked at her like 'duh. We all got a piece.' So I said, "what? You just gave that to S. did he give it back?" She looked at him and tried to ask if this was the piece she just gave him but when she did she saw him still holding the piece of gold and turned in shock to me again. She turned and looked at me again. 

A couple of the kids around her said, "Huh. Why did she get two pieces??" I explained that I had just seen her give her piece away so she didn't have two. We just chalked it up to the leprechaun knowing how selfless she was.

After we returned from spring break, I told her mom of her kind actions and she was very proud of her. She also told me their family made a trap to try and catch the leprechaun but they were unsuccessful. It is so nice to see how much my little school friends are growing up.