Monday, January 20, 2014

18 months

How is that a year and a half has gone by since you came into this world?!

You went for your well child check up on Monday, January 20th. You weighed 24.4 pounds, which put you in the 49th percentile, and they measured you at 30.5 inches tall but we measured again as we left and saw that you are closer to 31.25 inches tall. As soon as go behind the door, you seem to remember that is where the shots come from so you break down and they settle for a measurement. Their 30.5 inch measurement puts you in the 18th percentile. You are wearing size 4 diapers, size 4 shoes and a variety of 12 and 18 month clothing.

You are such a busy little girl. You go to 'school' five days a week while Mom and Dad work. Sometimes you are sad in the morning when I leave you and others you just run off to see your little baby friends. You love talking to the babies at school. When I get there to pick you up in the afternoon, you acknowledge me but just keep on playing. Some days I have to drag you out of there mad but are fine once we get out the door. On January 16th, I got a text from Jade saying that you counted to 10! She said you wouldn't do it on command but when they were having group time and counting, they heard a little voice one ahead of their count and watched to see that it was you! I guess reading your 10 Little Monkeys Poke A Dot book has paid off. You are an expert at the little slide inside and have even mastered one of the bigger slides outside.

Handprint Rudolph

Finger print snowmen
Some of the words in your vocabulary include: baby, sis, trash, sock, shoe, no, yes, animoo (animal, which his your wubba nubs), mama, and dada. You like to ask, "where's Dada at?" when you are with Mom and "where's Mama at?" when you are with dad. Another phrase you have mastered is "There's a baby!" or "It'sa baby!"You say this whenever you see babies or when you see your belly or mine. When you say it, it sounds like you have a French accent.

This is Kinley's friend Cameron. I also work with his mom.

You are good about nap and bedtime. Most nights, you talk for a few minutes and then are off to dreamland for the night. Weekend naps are the same way and you nap well at school too. Our typical routine is up at 7 and bed at 8:15-8:30. We can definitely tell when it is getting close to bedtime without even looking at clock. The mornings that you wake yourself up, you will chat with your animals and give us a big grin when we open the door.

You adjusted nicely to our new home. It was almost like you never moved. You like to climb the stairs and have been busted a time or two venturing off on your own. The game room has nothing in it but a chair and some of your toys. You love to run from wall to wall up there. You are a music lover and stop to dance when you hear it. One of your favorites songs is the Alligator Song by Dr. Jean. You picked it up at school and get so excited when you hear it starting. Here is a little alligator chomping at dinner.

Alligator Part 1
Alligator Part 2- CHOMP!

In November, you got your first Power Wheels that your Grandpa O and Pa bought you at a garage sale. You love sitting in and are getting better at putting your foot down to make it go. For Christmas, you got a wagon from Grandma and Grandpa Snow. You love to go for rides it too. You sit in it like you are on a carriage ride. Being that those two things are outside, you love being there no matter what the temperature. Summer better brace itself for Kinley!
Check out my sweet ride!
Kinny Binny,
You never cease to amaze me. Just watching you brings a sparkle to anyone's eyes, no wonder your Pa loved you so much. There are days that you flash that stubborn attitude (that I know you got from me... but I will never admit that to your Dad) and other days that you just love to run by for a hug. I am so very, truly blessed to be your Mommy and love watching you grow into your own little person but you can slow down a bit. 


  1. Love! She's getting so big. Love you. :) - Missy

  2. Love your blogging... it's the only way I can get pictures of Kinley, Brother Bear and all you and Preston do! Love you and hope you continue to load the blog. Grandpa Snow